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Wednesday, 30-May-2012 01:58 Email | Share | Bookmark
[quote] Yang Hengjun, Mubarak!

Some names like our memory as long ,sounds than our own names are more familiar with . Kampuchea Prince Sihanouk ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings is a lifelong friend.,North Korea Kim Jong Il ,Cuba and the Castro and Mubarak of Egypt ,are some name like to study international relations me, these names like the history of ghost ,wandering in the world sky, lingering ,they became the times not to label.
Today ,and from these names crossed out one. In the Egyptian ruling thirty years of Mubarak under the power of the people and the resignation of Mubarak ,&quot ;&quot ;the end of the era .
Although these ten days, my heart every hour and moment with those of Egypt people on the streets in the side ,but my &quot ;&quot international knowledge ;but let me not to the &quot ;Mubarak &quot ;the name give birth to more hate ,even some I regret :Egypt Egypt is less Mubarak ?Mubarak ?Mubarak ,Egypt ,http://www.nikesforce1.com/,mummies ,at least in my age reading people, can not be separated .
We are looking to change reality ,and Mubarak manufacturing &quot ;&quot :&quot told the facts ;&quot ;Mubarak ;the name was once let Egypt in the turmoil of North Africa and the Middle East between stable for a long time ;he ruled Egypt ,in a time of economic development is very rapid ,but ,Mubarak government is also the region secular regime ;he solves dress warmly ,the people of Egypt ,that brought stability ;he and mummy have become essential symbol of Egypt .
Mubarak: Oh ,this name was carrying the glory and dream ,also control the people on the ancient civilization of Egypt and Iraq and imagination ,East Asian countries ,is the history of mankind civilizations, also because of so ,the modern democratic ideas in these countries have relatively stubborn &quot &quot ;ancient civilization ;the contradiction,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, also makes the Middle East ,East Asia ,Egypt the cradle of human civilization has become the Earth last few remain to be further democratic countries focus .
However, it should be Mubarak you build up establishment good opportunity ,you should know ,democratic tide go forward with great strength and vigour ,is delayed a few days, never stop ,why don in the thirty year of the reign of the long years Months of any moment ,make a new start of good advice ,use your power ,with people together, let the ancient civilization bloom ?You just delay ,resist ,on some of the original can bring light to Egypt ,for you bring out reform say never ?Finally to is forced to resign sadly ?Mubarak ,originally can also load the Egyptians more glory and dream ,if he is not in such a way out ,if in the thirty year of his reign ,even before he enjoyed thirty years of absolute power after last years to implement the reform of the political system ;if he can comply with the public opinion ,seize the opportunity of good advice .
,he not only can wind scene light left politics ,may even be gratitude of the Egyptian people put on the altar dedicated to it ,like the Americans towards Washington .But this possibility is not, he made the biggest mistake is to forget that Eisenhower once said :if people just food and clothing can be satisfied, they would rather stay in prison .
To tell the truth ,in my limited knowledge ,I do not think that after today ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,and will more than you ruled Egypt economy develop faster The political situation ,more stable ,more harmonious society &quot ;&quot ;these are -- you always refused to give up the absolute power of the right to the people ,reform more excuses ,but also the United States always support you important reason -- but ,if you have a bit of history knowledge, you should be clear ,no matter future Egypt what kind of experience pain and suffering ,it will never return to the &quot ;Mubarak &quot ;age, and people will gradually realize ,in this country has democratic transition of chaos, not without you, Mubarak ,but once you there ruled Egypt for too long !Farewell ,Mubarak !When I was the University, in the study and memorize you how to govern the people ,leading them to war ,solve their food and clothing ,use your method with Egyptian features to construct the harmonious society, my son is so far in the university to read about your textbook ,now ,the Egyptian people finally rose up ,give you ,but also to the whole world.
How to manage one of the country important lesson: the illegal regime ,it is not lawful ,whether you have how highfalutin reasons ,no matter how you blandishments ,no matter how powerful your army .
For you this The old person, it is the last lesson. But in this world there are a few countries and grasp the absolute power of the people, but not the last lesson. I really hope you can have a chance to talk about this lesson of experience ,to the world final left some useful things.
In the past ten days there ,people took to the streets ,the situation changes dramatically ,during this period ,you must hesitate ,hesitation ,may also be considered if ordered to shoot the people ,at last ,you just hope people can give you for a period of time ,even if only a few months -- some people say you want to use this time to arrange the posterior ,transfer your family and your shadow interest group corruption money ,let yourself hand over power to a soft landing, but I have another idea ,The Democratic Progressive Party take spell an election strength spell economy.,or is it fantasy : for an 80 years old,this ten days you still struggled to retain power ,will not be because you woke up ,do you regret it ?So ,you want to catch the last bit of power ,for your people to do one thing ,to free and fair elections right back to them ?And also for you to do a great thing :the dream for people ,let your glory leave ,also let you name The history books ?But ,too late ,Go back to childhood......!You have thirty years ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,but you did not give the people of Egypt and the opportunity ,this time, they are not willing to give you a day time opportunity ,you do not deserve .
Because you out ,this years day seemed to come ahead of schedule,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme, some still life is distributed in a mummy odor country people suddenly remembered ,every one of us ,in fact ,democracy and freedom of life have a date.

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