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48 bottles, test your personality

48 bottles ,represent the 49 character,choose your love ( you can choose more than one bottle ) ,and then with the back of the character analysis of controlled .Accurate ?Who measured who knows !( suggested to be a variety of character analysis, all look ,help to broaden the ideas ;you will and true self accidentaly across ) the spiritual rescue 0bottlebottle you was a mysterious person ,and God has links.
You may have a very strong sixth sense or well-informed ability. On behalf of the bottle tarot is a fool &quot ;&quot ;,you have an innocent, and trust the quality ,can be in chaos and confusion in your situation .
The difficulties and challenges : currently in anger ,chaos. What do you want for your life looking for an exit ,but incapable of action .Now you, just like in the deep night .The crisis is a turning point ,turn around ,the largest peace is hiding behind you.
Your future potential :is an emotional balance, seek spiritual truth . 1 on the bottle body to save your jar is a versatile ,have very rich and creative people .But you get used to your own inner rainbow hidden.
On behalf of the bottle is Tarot magician &quot &quot ;;,you are a Good at communication ,creative people .You difficulty and challenge :you used to hide your own light ,although you have the rich connotation, but you can share .
Long hidden ,causing you to have recurrent depression. Your future potential: know his or her ideal ,but also can go to to achieve them. 2 peace bottle bottle you are a peace-loving people ,but have a strong intuition.
You appear, can comfort the people around the heart .This bottle is like the ocean ,so also implies that you love close to the ocean ,the ocean can always bring you peace and relaxation.
Representative this bottle of tarot is &quot ;Priestess &quot ;,on behalf of you feel very keen, can see very subtle things ,can link the God .Your difficulties and challenges :have you lost your tongue ?You have too much to hide in your heart ?Because there are too many words not be said ,so you can not get peace of mind .
Your future potential: love peace ,with their very harmoniously ,is committed to the pursuit of peace. Use and throat related creativity ( such as with speech related) ,supporting others .
3 the heart bottle bottles called the heart chakra is Pisces bottle ,bottle ,so you are your Heart and feelings came to life .Your heart is very soft ,very loving, very can stand on the position of the other side to represent this bottle .
The tarot is &quot ;Queen &quot ;,you used to care for others ,motherly character. You difficulty and challenge :you feel unable to breathe ?Feel chest no extra space to let the fresh air in .
You feel hurt ?Or ,you have long felt his heart has not taken care of ,not be held to choose ?Second bottles to the bottle you ,the really good links to your heart ,let the hearts of sorrow is released.
Your future potential: with intuition. It can help others find their direction. Have become artists ,teachers ,and therapist competence . 4 the sun bottle bottle 4 is known asbottle of sun ,nicknamed intelligent bottle .
So you are a very sunny, very intelligent person .You is very creative ,loving yourself for something. For you, the body is the most important part of your stomach ,the stomach is in charge of your confidence ,power and desire .
The bottle tarot is &quot ;the emperor &quot ;,you are a leadership challenge :you .You are an excessive physical The reason ,you killed your feelings .You value target ,ignoring the process ,which makes your life seems to be full of hope ,but the desire to pursuit makes your life is like sunshine in excess of the desert ,the pace of life and compact your gastrointestinal often sent to you by your future potential: warning.
In the management and organization with authority and good will ,these can be combined with intelligent .To know from the previous knowledge ,and be able to use this knowledge . 5 the sunrise sunset 5bottleh bottle is Leo ,you are one of the leading ability as well as the king of the wind .
Do you know how to use what you have the energy ,you often bring people around sunshine and passion ,but also know how to what you want. On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot &quot ;pope ;,you are intelligent ,and learning through experience ,not through the book wait for death to learn the knowledge .
Your difficulties and challenges :are you afraid not survive ?You lack of confidence ?Or you to hide their existence of fear and inferiority ,so you try to take control of your life, your friends ,your lover ,your subordinates.
In order to survive ,you often get a stomachache. You not To potential : have a lot of energy ,but also the energy is expressed. Energetic ,but also has personal traits. 6 6 bottlesbottle energy known as energy bottle ,bottle is Taurus ,so it is very practical ,very pragmatic ,pay attention to the material life ,also has a lot of energy on behalf of the bottle .
Tarot is &quot ;&quot &quot ,which represents love ;love ;&quot ;your life is important ,you can understand that true love is not just ,also include your heart and spiritual love .Your difficulties and challenges :the frustration is to your life right now you feel that the hearts of many subjects.
Angry and helpless ,so that your lack of vitality .You need for your inner looking for an exit ,let your inner energy release .May be a long unacceptable anger ,may be a career setback ,may be long repressed HH your future potential: is a very a brave man ,in the face of adversity, is ready to love.
7 Jesus was betrayed and arrested bottle garden you is a very clear what you want, but you also have the ability to go for what you want. But you are a balanced person ,it is not easy to go to extremes on behalf of the bottle .
The tarot is &quot ;&quot ,representing your chariot ;male and female energy energy is balanced ,you have great power ,can make things happen .You difficulty and challenge :you are worried about money ?You may doubt their ability can earn money .
You may lack self-confidence ,for their doubt ,and therefore anxious to stomach .Your future potential: new age pioneer ,is an understanding of human suffering and the demand for the ideal home ,philosopher .
8 the dog head God of Egypt bottle bottle 8 is called Anubis,Anubis is an Egyptian dog head Guardian God ,into the unconscious world the door. So your soul essence with Egypt is a link .
You used the heart of a ruler to measure the outside and the other people ,at the same time ,you also attaches great importance to balance .This also allows you to philosophy ,thinking what is the real value and balance .
On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot ;adjustment &quot ;or &quot &quot ,representative ;justice ;you are a balance, with introspective and inward look at their own ability .Your difficulties and challenges :balance your current life is the most important topics in all things ,so too will bring problems.
Perhaps you have recently sometimes melancholy and Kang Fen ,but couldn really calm .Maybe you put too many things not expressed, maybe you haven to tell you the real heart words. Your future: on time ,balance ,just have a good perception ;structured, and the equality with special identity ( on all people ,of all religious traditions etc.
) . 9 crystal bottle hole h heart heart you are a like close to nature ,the sea is where you walk .You used to being alone ,live my own life .You are also a very &quot energy &quot ;heart ;man ,you can link your heart ,you can also through your heart to express ,so your words have touched the man power.
You difficulty and challenge :you can feel free to express your feelings ?I guess not .This caused you often dizziness ,heart and lung function is poor. How long did not find a friend good to talk to ?How long did not open mind with people express ?Your heart is it right? Be serious minded tied ,makes you forget how to play the game ?Make you forget your inner humor ?Your future potential: is not a selfish man ,and your subconscious and inner it links found in life .
The secret, and to interpret them . 10 on the bottle to hug a tree you have a good heart ,very loving ,very soft ,very kind .And you can make people relax, no pressure .You love nature ,love is simple .
The bottle tarot is the fate of &quot ;round &quot ;,on behalf of you is a free ,movement of people, can follow the flow of life change. Your difficulties and challenges :do you often inexplicable palpitation ?You will have no reason to fear ?If you listen carefully to your heart ,you your heart to tell you :I am good sorry !You put too much feeling in your heart ,and you never went to see Gu Xin in feeling.
Your future potential: is a guide and not control other people ,give people the space to grow .From the bottom of my heart to care for human cognitive problems ,what needs to be done and it complete 11 on the bottle .
A bunch of flowers No. 11 is a Virgobottle ,so you are a pure, simple ,clean a person ,like a virgin ,like a pure angel. On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot ;&quot ,Eros ;representative of your life very much loved and passion.
You difficulty and challenge :do you often feel that the lack of love ,missing Lack of warmth ?If you are in a relationship is difficult ?If you want ,you can love yourself more ?You may be a perfectionist ,demanding of myself ,or on others ,demanding.
Because we restrict, on your own or others have much to look forward to. Your future potential: a strong ,powerful man ,gives a warm ,gentle and strong empathy ;is a really know how to love people.
12 on the bottle in the new era of peace on behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot ;&quot ,upside down ;you are a very resilient people ,face the challenges of life and suffering ,you can always take it as a chance to grow .
You have water general trait ,flexible,Nike Air Force 1 Premium, inclusive .Your difficulties and challenges :on behalf of the bottle tarot is from &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;mean ;through suffering and growth &quot ;,so you feel life does not go smoothly ?Maybe your present life as in deep sea ,melancholy ,the lack of sunlight ,like to find a way out .
Your future potential: is a peaceful heart ,using &quot ;&quot ;feeling to people with personal response .Feeling and instinct Intelligence has a deep connection . 13 on the bottle in the new era change the number 13 is a cancerof the bottle ,so you are a family ,a bird .
You very heavy feeling ,like a group of people with a sense of 13bottlescalled &quot ;in the new era ,so the change in &quot ;in the face of change as well as the separation of the situation ,you can really connect to your heart .
On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot &quot ;death ;,you work like smooth and clean ,for it can make a lightning decision .You difficulty and challenge :are you afraid of parting ?Are you afraid of change ?Are you afraid of losing recall the past ?About parting ,death ,and the lost experience ,you really make the experience of the past? Or in your heart still have not shed ,sad and dedication in the past? Because can not let go, so you have ten years ago friends give you a small note, keep when old clothes ,keep the former former boyfriend or girlfriend photos ,keep the primary school teacher and you said a word HH your future potential: is a clear and kindness to impart knowledge leader ,but also can prove your vision.
14 on the bottle in the new era of intelligent on behalf of the bottle Brand is &quot &quot ;art ;,you have the ability to represent different things together ,have the ability to face the extreme condition.
Your soul essence with intelligent quality ,the intelligence is a new era of intelligent ,rather than the old traditions and ideas ,so you may differ from the general human insight and intelligent .
You difficulty and challenge :you know smart and intelligent difference ?The former comes from outside ,such as books ,knowledge ,advice ;the latter is inside of you and your own life experience ,you may be very clever but lack intelligence .
You future potential: a new era in in a revelation ,very important pioneer ,and with their inner intelligence with people ,spread the harmony and balance concept ,can feel deep pleasure.
15 on the bottle in the new era for you is a treatment of talented people, the treatment is a spiritual therapy at the same time ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,your intuition is also very strong ,for around the person energy sensitive feelings .
On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot ;the demon &quot ;,you are one can face the reality of the people ,very practical ,to face the reality of life in the limit ,you can be humorous to face The difficulties and challenges .
You :you have recently encountered what makes you sad? Or you ever met what makes you sad? These in your heart sad ,let you feel the life is empty ,vacant .Your future potential: a strong and powerful man ( positive meaning ) ,have spiritual power.
Even under the most adverse environment also adhere to their beliefs . 16 the purple bottle with your spirituality ,religion ,spiritual practice is to have the fate. You may have a strong intuition and well-informed ability ,the ability to treat others on behalf of the bottle body.
Tarot is &quot ;&quot ;,on behalf of you have the ability to release the old self patterns and habits .You difficulty and challenge :you want to be in your body ?I mean :you want to stay on earth ?Maybe you often feel like an alien ,you think, feel ,acting style ,outlook HH is different from the general population .
Your future potential: is the one with the divine plan for the people ,and the life built on this concept, often acquired spontaneous &quot ;enlightenment experience &quot ; 17 .The bottle lyric poet ,hope the bottle lyric poet &quot called &quot ;,The new century head 20 years to economy is built and reforms main task,so your spirit ;The soul with a poetic and romantic character.
You have creative talent, and creation is the source of your heart as well as from God inspiration. In the creation of the time ,you will feel the energy into your body,Public practice, is the energy in the creation ,rather than you, on behalf of the bottle .
Tarot is &quot ;&quot ,representing the stars ;you have very deep &quot &quot ;trust ;quality. Your difficulties and challenges :you recently often feel disappointment ,despair ?You feel chest tightness ,wheezing ,have a suffocating feeling ?Then deeper to feel ,your inner is it right? Keep some sadness ,this sorrow ,let you close your heart ,so you don need to feel .
You future potential: the spirituality and hidden in life is full of interest, through the love of man and help people with their spiritual connection and experience joy. 18 on the bottle Egyptian vase ,the trend of the change which is an Egyptian vase ,so you can think about Egypt interest ?Or that are connected with Egypt ?This bottle has a king of the quality ,you find that your soul essence has a king and distinguished quality ?Represents the bottle tarot is &quot the &qu ;Ot ;,represent you give people a mysterious ,unknown feeling ,do not know really how you .
Your difficulties and challenges :you always in pursuit of material desires ,feelings ,mind ,HH every kind of desire ,you try to make their full of hope ,full of sunshine feeling. Your future potential: follow their dreams to arrange the life of people, have the courage to change ,and enjoy your life purpose .
19 on the bottle living in the material world is this Capricorn bottle ,so you are a practical ,pragmatic ,rational ,stable, stand on solid ground and responsible person. You take the achievement ,often can climb up to a higher position.
You have good social skills ,and many people can build a relationship ,and keep in touch. On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot ;the &quot ;,so you are a valued relationship with someone ,you can change yourself let cooperation relationship to maintain harmony.
Your difficulties and challenges :you have two extreme surface ,a part of you practical ,rational ;another part of your spiritual ,emotional .This in your heart, causing a split ,make you feel contradictions.
Your future potential: with their harmoniously ,also put the sensory transmission to others, have very Much energy ,including the sources of energy ,others will feel like a magnet is attracted to you.
20 it is Gemini star child bottle bottle ,so is your personality like changes ,in two extreme swing ,thought agile ,good at processing information ,and good at communication .On behalf of the bottle is Tarot &quot ;&quot ,representing rebirth ;you have the power to make its own station to a higher point of view ,that is to say through introspection ,you may give up the original rigid thinking ,to accept a new perspective.
You difficulty and challenge :can you imagine yourself a little child ?Facts ,within each have a child ,even seventy or eighty years old. When we can take good care of your inner child, we can grow old ,grow ,but at the same time have a childlike innocence .
Your future potential: an optimist ,can in a constructive way to spend optimism .Have deep inner peace ,and freedom from fear . 21 the new bottle started loving you is a mature and perfect man ,you can be patient waiting for the right time to let things happen .
You give a person a kind of spring in the air ,can nourish your week By the people ,give a person a kind of lush feeling .On behalf of the bottle tarot is &quot ;&quot ,representing the universe ;you are a relaxed and in person ,you have the ability to let things take their natural finish .
You difficulty and challenge :your heart hurt ?You need to be loved you ?You should take the past heart wound was healing ,otherwise ,how do you have room for the new love in ?Your heart needs love to nourish ,but from the first love of self start.
Your future potential : the one with the highest awareness and has truly mature personality man ,God is love .Is a give and receive love ,in a constructive way to convey the love ( for example ,by writing ,art ,public speaking ,but also through the family circle ) .
22 the rebirth of the bottle the bottle ,wake up you are a sunshine and gentle man ,you like the sun to the happy energy ,also gives a warm care on behalf of the bottle .The tarot is the second reincarnation of &quot ;a fool &quot ;,on behalf of you is fool innocent and pure quality ,but this innocence but retains the maturity and experience of the quality, rather than for childish feeling .
You difficulty and challenge :you will not Feel that their lack of confidence ?Would you feel the lack of the feeling of the sun ?Would you think you don If you want to get what you want ,the mind still shares do not meet ?Let go deep ,all this comes from your lack of love for her.
You future potential: a new era of teachers ,have a very root in the earth .And divine intelligence links ,so there were feelings of liberation. 23 on the bottle of love and light that you are a very soft ,with femininity ,you are kind ,Nike Air Force One,very inclusive ,willing to take care of and considerate of others.
You difficulty and challenge :&quot ;I want to love ,this is a bottle of &quot ;the message . desire to love ?Is it right? You look a romantic evening ,there is a charming companion would send you a bouquet of flowers ,and then had a romantic dinner ?Now if that person has not appeared ,why don love yourself ,give yourself a bunch of beautiful people ,bring myself to eat a delicious dinner ?You may ask :how to love myself ?I will tell you :accept all your own ,no matter good or bad you .
Your future potential: urgent To understand yourself and to achieve self cognition (e.g. ,through therapy ,meditation ,etc. ) in a positive and pragmatic attitude to accept his fate . 24 the new message bottle the bottle with Venus energy are closely related, so your soul with the love and energy there is a deep connection .
This bottle also implies that you when the matchmaker talent ,you can help others find their soul mate .The bottle to show you are a romantic person ,like beautiful ,elegant ,and enjoy the feeling.
You difficulty and challenge :you have a headache ,insomnia ,feeling upset ?Think hard ,you recently is it right? A backlog of many words ,many have not expressed recently ?If not ,that you may have been used to suppress their feelings ,it will lead to your chest tightness ,wheezing .
Your future potential: is an insightful people can teach students in accordance with their aptitude ,can awaken others love ,with extraordinary personality ,integrity and maturity ,the absorbed in joy .
25 recovery bottle bottle ,the bottle is called Nightingale Nightingale ,showing that you are born with the talent to take care of others ,represent the real you is a heating with The light ,you used to own light hidden.
You difficulty and challenge :you used to hiding myself Oh ,you put your rich connotations are closed together ,to avoid being seen. Why ?What are you afraid of ?When young, when you see ,notice what happens after that what ?You used to hide ,so your inner easy to accumulate a lot of energy,Adiads Porsche Design, this energy can be used to make you feel angry, sad ,ideas ,headache ,insomnia ,and may make others feel that you are very mysterious, difficult to get close to.
Your future potential : is there a lot of energy can give other treatment, has the ability to view .To complete the planned tasks . 26 the bottle bottle shock you is a love game with a happy man ,you always like children giggled ,but your smile will infect the people around.
Your senses are very sensitive, pay attention to the taste of life and enjoy .Your difficulties and challenges :you lack a sense of security ,may in the recent or past frightened experience ,and that the startle experience to now also affects you.
Due to the lack of a sense of security ,so you may be overly sensitive, unable to trust others or the new environment , to show you all. Your future potential: a very independent, creative, has the very deep ,intuitive intelligence ,learning by teaching others ,very smart ,and very careful ,do not overdo it ,always take the initiative ,able to feel deep pleasure.
Robinhood No. 27 bottle ofthis bottle is a bottle of Sagittarius ,so you love freedom ,don being restrained. This bottle named Robinhood ,you have a good heart ,has a sense of justice, often for something .
You through a passion for people to show you your heart .The difficulties and challenges :do you think you are woman living in the body of a man ,or a man in a woman ?If you so bothering you, this bottle of Robinhood can help you .
Choose this bottle you possibly because of a breakup or divorce agreement and bitter .Your future potential: a the successful person ,work hard ,be full of go ,very attentively ,have decision-making power.
Firm and stand on your own . 28 on the bottle girl Marilyn ( Robinhood ) you are a seemingly soft man ,kind-hearted ,but from your inner sends out a firm, inviolable force Volume ,has toughness, green represents you feel is comfortable ,no pressure .
You difficulty and challenge :do you think you are woman living in the body of a man ,or a man in a woman ?If you so bothering you, this bottle girl Marilyn can help you .You future potential: is a frequently with new ,fresh look at things in the vanguard.
Is also a reliable ,happy ,honest with themselves . 29 on the bottle ,but go you is a the person in person ,you can be friendly exchanges with the people, can also be quiet alone. The bottle by the name of &quot ,forward &quot ;;,so you are one with action man ,can lead the people around and do something.
You difficulty and challenge :do you often feel themselves in between the two extremes swinging ?Sometimes very fiery ,extroversion ,sometimes very calm ,quiet. Sometimes like a volcano eruption ,sometimes like a sea .
Your future potential: is a want to change the customs of the reformer. For peace and give their ,protect others, the hope can give our best . 30 on the bottle bringing heaven down to earth you Table appears calm ,but has a fiery heart .
Like a submarine hot magma ,not like a volcano erupts violently ,with high heat and energy ,quietly into the sea. This is a bottle of heaven into the earth is called the &quot ;&quot ;.
Your difficulties and challenges :you feel blue ?Do you feel like in the deep sea, feel the darkness ,cold ,lack of sunlight .You find anyone ,perhaps did not want to find anybody .Your future potential: put the idea into action ,to see things very clearly ,with extraordinary insight.
31 your bottle .The greatest asset is your heart, through your heart, you can be you deep intelligence and gold express. Your greatest asset is nature ,through nature, you can achieve the intelligent flow like water .
You difficulty and challenge :you lack of confidence ?You yourself completely unfolded ,perhaps because of your strength and great anger inclusions in a stage of life ,if you want to find ,to your self-worth to start looking .
Your future potential : a diplomatic ability ,and people with heart treatment, to establish a good team spirit ,accept responsibility ,don it is a burden ,But as is a joy . 32 on the bottle Sophia your intuition is very strong, sometimes through your intuition ,you will say the very intelligent discourse ,your thinking is jumping ,at first some nonsensical ,but some mystery .
Your difficulties and challenges :sometimes you will fall into the inexplicable anger and confusion ,feeling upset ,not calm .You actually have a keen intuition ,but you can trust your intuition ,often with reason and logic to suppress your inner voice .
Your future potential : a personal charm and culture ,give others warm ,support and attention ,feel calm ,understanding of the forces of nature, to live in the moment ,to be able to clearly communicate with people.
33 this bottle bottle bottle called dolphin dolphins bottle ,so you have the dolphin quality :like play ,love to laugh, humor ,like to close with the people ,at the same time ,you have a strong intuition ,also has created days .
Your difficulties and challenges :deep in you want to play and relax ,but you can play and relax .You mind to you can enjoy the expression of your heart and feelings ,your mind make you very seriously ,your mind can allow you free ,you Mind kill your imagination and intuition.
Your future potential: a working for peace of the artist ,and intuition and guidance are connected .To achieve the purpose of life ,is a not allow authority or authorities against their targets reformers.
34 the birth of the Venus bottle the bottle is called &quot ;the birth of Venus &quot ;,Venus is in charge of the goddess of love and beauty ,so you have a natural beauty ,your appearance ,manners ,dress ,sends out the beautiful nature.
Besides ,you also sends out the energy of love ,has the very good popularity. You difficulty and challenge :you feel like no one loves you ,and no one understands you ?You feel lonely ,often misunderstood ?If yes ,come to think of it ,you will be used to your own feelings and the feelings expressed ?Your future potential: a life in all aspects of provide for oneself ,not need outside help ,rely through one ,has the intrinsic strength .
35 mercy this bottle a bottle of &quot ,called &quot ;mercy ;so you is a very kind person ,willing to tolerate others ,open-minded ,didn to argue. Your difficulties and challenges :you don People love you ?Do you think the world lacking warmth ?Or you just broke up ?This lack of the feeling of love ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,actually comes from your inner deep sadness .
Your future potential: by helping people to experience deep satisfaction, but also help themselves ,with treatment of talent and remote treatment capacity ( a mean treatment in the vicinity of the person ) .
36 this bottle bottle fraternity fraternity called &quot ;&quot ;,so your soul with humanity quality ,you not only love your family and friends ,the strangers willing to give. You difficulty and challenge :do you often daydream what ?The people around you are often said to you ,real, stop dreaming .
Often you thoughts constantly ,brain jam ?It all comes from you love yourself. You only accept your brain that good part ,you have to have a lot of expectations ,so you in many parts are you depressed or ignored.
Your future potential: become aware of the purpose of life .No matter what it is ,even when not too smooth ,also clearly aware of their intrinsic goal . 37 on the bottle guardian angel on earth this bottle is called &quot ;guardian angel coming down to the earth ,so &quot ;You and angel energy connecting you to the world ,with some ideal ,you want to share these ideals ,and let these implement the ideal in the world.
You difficulty and challenge :do you feel cold ?I said your heart is cold ,life some melancholy ,like to be alone in three thousand meters below sea ;some things in life don Sad ,makes you like floating in the sky ,make blind and disorderly conjectures ,divorced from reality.
Your future potential: follow your ideal ,with practice ,inspiration and good instincts ,with their own actions show how life is successful and efficient. bottle 38 lyric poet ,insight into the bottle lyric poet called &quot ;&quot ;,that you have a heart to feel ,and through words ,pictures ,music and writing to express ;in addition ,you are an elegant and poetic ,like walking in nature ,like the dancing elf in general.
You difficulty and challenge :good for your heart ?How long have you been listening to your heart ?You know your feeling ?You want to release your heart ?You might say to you :I am sorry ,I am disappointed ,I am very glad ,I am good angry ,I Want this ,I want to go to HH your future potential : a natural dignity and good personal traits ,and their hearts are linked to the society at the same time ,there are strong feelings .
39 Egypt bottle bottle ,play puppet people this bottle bottle of &quot called &quot ;Egypt ;,representative your soul and essence of Egypt to link ,so you may on ancient Egyptian civilization will have interest or desire ,you can easily link on the spirituality of information and knowledge ,and have the ability to teach others ,may be a spiritual teacher .
You difficulty and challenge :you think you have not read smart ?Many books ,listen to a lot of people say that outside one ,but from your inner most intelligent .Your future potential: has the power to change the world ,and know the change must be from a person intrinsic began ,from the act of find freedom ,Ji'nan 2006 National Economic and social development. - Zhuge Xiaoliang,to enjoy the acquisition of knowledge and pass it on to others.
40on thebottle I am this is Aries bottle ,you are a passionate, direct ,strong action and responsible person ,and has the qualities of leadership. The bottle by the name of &quot ;I am &quot ;,so you dare to do their own ,independent ,is presented from I look like the original .
You difficulty and challenge :you can do it yourself, always worried about other people influenced by others ,this stems from a lack of confidence ,lack of courage to do yourself. Lack the confidence you may be in another extreme :because of fear and control ,blame, self-centered.
Your future potential: the inherent with deep intelligence ,and be able to express it. Is very close to awakening moment ,meaning in the exploration of the self has gone through a very long journey.
41 this bottle intelligent bottle bottle bottle of &quot called &quot ;intelligence ;,you are a very intelligent person ,can the independent thinking, does not follow blindly ,with a clear eye .

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