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Accident insurance abortion, I fell in love with husband friend

The first exclusive Sohu blog original / Mo Shu confides :anliy text / Mo Shu I and husband are to insurance broker ,to the beginning of the company ,he told me in particular attention ,because he is also my boss ,our love is very natural began .
He and I have been together for five years ,in the long as five year love long-distance race ,we finally decided to get married in five one ,but a lot of things so there .In our wedding preparations in the previous month ,our love has come to an end ,the wedding was canceled ,Who is' the toad style of Kwan Lun school 'nemesis Supplement ,love and marriage and was buried in his first five years insurance abortion .
With my boyfriend ,has been very good, our love in the time of experience ,still keeping up. Although we did not enter the nature of marriage ,but this time of five years, we have already put the other captive in the heart, the marriage for us, but was a useless waste ,I think all the time, as long as we treat each other sincerely, is the love of the most solid guarantee .
However ,at that time I did some naive, can a man lying to women ,even hide ,the woman is unable to forgive and tolerate it derailed .For marriage and after marriage ,and no Difference ,it will hurt each other, and a hundred times without cheating ,is a woman before marriage, must be wide-eyed look each other a the most fundamental condition .
Her husband friend Amin is doing insurance brokers ,although this person honest is very old ,and some character paranoia ,because I have been to him biased ,so on his attitude to be neither hot nor cold .
He looks kind of inarticulate ,looks honest, but I think this looks honest people most likely to camouflage ,perhaps this kind of appearance and seemingly loyal person is actually a fake boyfriend .
He often drink together ,is her friend, but sometimes I also to her boyfriend say ,I don Amin, advised him as little as possible with him .But her boyfriend always won Once the husband drove to Guangdong business, had a traffic accident, but is no big deal ,but the car was hit some wear ,we had to buy a car insurance ,brokerage is Amin .
The husband came back ,I was very worried ,as long as the person that And I also hope that Amin bought the car insurance claim as soon as possible .But after more than a month ,a name has not yet been sent to reparations ,I was quite low ,heart very quickly to Her boyfriend said ,this man is not reliable ,must urge him, and you are still good friends .
But every boyfriend mutter and mumble ,I don ,and after some time ,I gradually forget it. I was in the bank to do the insurance brokerage .Once, I was talking to a bank customers to promote our company home furnishing insurance ,after strenuous tongue marketing ,customer has signed the agreement ,at this point ,Amin suddenly rushed in ,to my client, Mr Zhang yesterday ,you have not listened to my plan ?And do you consider ,I plan to she makes no difference ,you cannot fail to keep faith ,listen to the words of this woman .
,at that time, I was mad ,and gas do not fight for a place .I immediately counterattack .Say ,Mr. Chang, you don the broker talk rubbish ,my boyfriend when he bought the car, still close to two months has not been paid ,if you bought him insurance ,in case of any problems ,you may be cheated .
Besides, his insurance than our precious dozens of pieces ,the monthly number out of money is not worthwhile? car insurance business, face a red a green ,he to The customer said ,that is not the case ,I told him this is the thing between the husband ,I can not say ,really is .
Besides, it is related to my reputation .I heard his words ,the heart to the gas .I said what you have difficulties ,I would like to hear ,or going out the bank doors .I tens of thousands of pieces ,ask your husband .
Amin made a slip of the tongue , ,I immediately took Amin to find the husband asked what the hell is going on ?Original, husband in Guangdong travel time ,met his first love ,two people got drunk ,had a one-night stand, because her husband loved me ,and have been with me in the talk of marriage ,but want to take out a sum of money for his old lovers break up with debt.
Because the husband had no money ,I for economic control is quite strict ,when his car got into trouble ,obtained an insurance claim ,so he let Amin hid the matter ,if not today because of the customer ,I still live in a drum .
He said ,he had no relationship with old lover ,the sum of money as compensation,http://www.nikesforce1.com/, they won become entangled in .But I can put up with her husband ,also do not believe that a casual relationship with the old lover A man can trust for life ,the men off the track after the guarantee ,but on their own behavior to deceive oneself and others ,do not believe ,so I made the most important decision ,as he said good-bye.
We the feelings of five years less than an old lover once again ,I was a bit downhearted .At that time ,just like boyfriend, I to the poles .Every dwelling in the house ,do not go to work ,do not turn on the lights ,also do not cook .
Feelings for me, like the heart of a thorn ,thorn in the heart of the most vulnerable place, bleed like a pig ,is not only hurt ?Amin know we break things, there is one day, someone knocked at the door ,open the door ,I saw Amin ,I did not speak, he was holding something in the supermarket to buy the vegetables ,you see ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid,you are drawn into what look like ?Do not eat rice ,so how can withstand.
Since this thing for me but, I have the duty to take care of you .He ignored my mood ,went into the kitchen busy up. After a while ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,they make tasty meals ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,I did not speak ,then eat them ,he has changed his dull telling jokes ,make me happy ,I thought you fell in love with my soul. - Bobo love's blog - the focus of Blog,I have no objection.
Rice Bi ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,he packed his chopsticks, say ,tomorrow I will Again,Nike Air Force 1 Low the child, until you become you. These days, maybe I have already become accustomed to a person ,Amin appeared to make my life seem to regain confidence.
Because he ,I see that he is a good family man ,and good character, I should depart from one ,change to he was biased ,he actually has a crush on .Finally one night, he made a candlelight dinner ,two people are not initially silent laughing and talking ,he said ,but I don hide his old lover ,but I don want to hurt you ,love a person ,is to make every attempt for his sake, not always make him sad .
Because you first meet him, not me ,my feelings for you ,no less than the man .My tears streaming down very quickly ,in the light of the candle ,I gave him a kiss .Recommended reading: &quot ;&quot class events moral values ;later, decide on what path to follow ?I since the mother-in-law of greed and break up with the girl I boyfriend at the instigation of the escort event &quot &quot ;category ;later, morality decide on what path to follow ?Fall in love with a married man ,love is more than a pregnancy ,I should forgive her husband sexual ?Her husband cheated me false divorce the wife of an official mistress to love died in woman jealousy and gossip handsome husband wife how to deal with the female boss play ambiguous ?Acura brother-in-law wits in seven years ,men are not as derailed cuckold male :the best brother personally to me with a green hat .
It is &quot ;&quot ;after the seventy thousand fall in love with his friends the handsome boyfriend oral :my boyfriend at the instigation of hostess my Sohu micro-blog ,everyone can

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