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エアジョーダン4 Hu Shi .

Statement of the problem Lu Xun and Hu Shi really has much comparability. But in recent years ,the two people together to talk about ,compare ,also can be seen .Of course ,these theorists view ,perspective and conclusion ,is often quite different .
From whether to identify by name the person called Jiang Jieshi the perspective on Lu ,Hu Erren compares ,I have more than once from other oral or written down seen .This comparative approach is ,after 1927, Lu ,Hu Erren have long criticized Kuomintang ,but Lu Xun never identify by name the person firmly as the leader of &quot ;&quot ;Jiang Jieshi ,while Hu Shi the rest of one many times done.
From this fact, we can &quot &quot ;logic ;to draw such conclusion :Hu Shi Lu Xun has more courage than ,more militant ,but do not care about his own safety ;or that ,compared with Hu Shi,Nike Air Force 1 Mid, Lu Xun is more sophisticated ,more self protection ,more cowardly cowardly .
This angle comparison of ,or to such a background as a premise :over the past decades ,we have always stressed that the &quot ;Lu Xun bones are the most hard &quot ;,always said Lu Xun with Kuomintang in the struggle for power was &quot ;have no fear ,is &quot ;&quot ;before A foot stepped outside ,rear foot is not ready to cross in &quot ;,have always regarded Lu Xun as the &quot ;&quot ;national spirit ;and Hu Shi ,plus all kinds of evil characters ,said he was running the &quot ;&quot ;weak compromise ,エアジョーダン11,said he ,say he slightly when pressure is &quot ;Ning Wan didn break &quot ;HH today from whether to identify by name the person called Jiang Jieshi this one angle of two people were compared ,it has bring order out of chaos ,&quot &quot ;&quot ;;to reverse the historical reversed again &quot ;meaning.
Only in whether to identify by name the person called Jiang Jieshi this problem, different is unnecessary .But this problem is actually pull one hair and use the &quot ;two &quot ;body the root &quot ;&quot ;.
From this perspective ,we go deep into ,come into contact with Lu ,Hu Erren different political ideas ,practical attitude and a series of problems .In 1927 Aprilthe establishment of Nanjing national government to the Communist Party ,and the cleaning are performed at the same time ,perhaps say ,&quot ;&quot ,purge ;Nanjing government is the real &quot ;founding ceremony for Jiang Jieshi &quot ;.
&quot &quot ;purification ;this move ,Lu ,Hu Erren will have a different attitude. Face Kuomintang wantonly murder ,Lu Xun is surprised ,anger and hate ,and Hu Shi said the understanding and support.
The fashion in Japan for the Hu Shi &quot ;purge anti-Communist &quot ;published this opinion :&quot ;my ten months in Europe, America ,unknown domestic details. But I think the recent coup HH general Jiang Jieshi purge anti-Communist actions can get a group of veteran support.
Your foreign friends may not recognize Wu Jingheng ,Cai Yuanpei is what people, but I know that a few people ,admire their knowledge and personality .This new government can get the support of the senior class ,is a valid.
&quot ;at the same time ,also said ,&quot ;Cai Yuanpei ,Wu Jingheng is not the reactionaries ,he alone 1is inclined to theanarchist libertarians ,I always respect the people ,their moral force in support of the government ,can have our sympathy .
&quot ;(see Hu Ming Hu Shi on the people ,1997 edition 667thpage ) Hu Shi in 1926 Julyabroad, overseas life of ten months ,on the domestic events known unknown .But he has to respect ,trust ,Cai Yuanpei Wu Zhihui and other senior.
When he learned that CAI ,Wu the patriarch are strongly advocated Jiang Jieshi ?Purge anti-Communist ,and in support of the Nanjing national government ,decided And they take the same pace .
Hu Shi on the Nanjing government to this initial position, is not a matter of expediency or casual. In fact ,he later on this initial position never regret it, even before he and Jiang Jieshi and the conflict was most severe ,end of regret initially stated to Jiang Jieshi and the government of Nanjing moral support .
Can say ,in the Jiang Jieshi government in Nanjing was born, Lu Xun and Hu Shi to have a rather different mentality .Lu Xun began to Jiang Jieshi and the government of Nanjing held a negative attitude ,more do not talk to go up to have any hope and expectation ,in other words ,Lu Xun began to hostile eyes glared at Jiang Jieshi for the Nanjing government to create ,start thinking of Jiang Jieshi and his Nanjing government as feel irreconcilable hatred for sb.
,and such a mentality and attitude never change ;Hu Shi is a beginning of Jiang Jieshi and the government of Nanjing to take supportive and cooperative attitude ,despite this support and cooperation is not unconditional ,in other words ,Hu Shi is looking forward to looking at Jiang Jieshi for the Nanjing government to make ,he told Jiang Jieshi and the Nanjing government is hopeful, thereafter ,the anticipation and hope no matter How frustrated ,Hu Shi didn himself in for Jiang Jieshi and the complete despair ,therefore ,might as well say ,Hu Shi Jiang Jieshi and the conditional support ,also last a lifetime .
Maybe someone will say ,since Lu ,Hu Erren Jiang Jieshi and KMT attitude is so different ,that identify by name the person called Jiang Jieshi ,should Lu Xun rather than Hu Shi mm if consider this problem ,was too superficial .
Actually ,because Lu ,Hu Erren Jiang Jieshi and the state of mind and attitude is different, he decided to stop 1 incriticism ,accusing Jiang Jieshi of the Kuomintang and adopt different ways.
If Lu Xun really did not identify by name the person when Jiang Jieshi ,the reason lies in the fact that his hostility and negative attitude and mentality ,in blame Jiang Jieshi makes him difficult to identify by name the person ;and Hu Shi is repeatedly to identify by name the person to criticize Jiang Jieshi ,also just because he told Jiang Jieshi and the Kuomintang have hope and expect, also be willing to conditionally on the support and cooperation of Kuomintang .
Lu Xun sharp ,severe criticism ,as it is evident to anyone .It should be said, he even if someone said never identify by name the person names .Jiang Jieshi ,have focused on Jiang Jieshi ,not only point out the &quot ;Jiang Jieshi &quot ;these three words .
Here one example . April 10, 1933 Declaration B free talk ,published Cao Juren kill the wrong man one article, which said ,in the &quot &quot ;revolution ;in the process of killing ,&quot ;&quot ;is inevitable, but &quot ;revolution .
There should be standardized ,the killing more middle-aged people ,killing more represented the old forces of human &quot ;.&quot ;but each time in the Chinese revolution ,always back to normal.
Many young because of take part in the revolutionary movements ,do sacrifice ;revolutionary process, the old forces temporarily escape ,some did not get rid of ;the success of the revolution, the old forces repeatedly poured out ,and the young to be the sacrifice ,killed a large number of .
&quot ;thus ,Cao Juren argues ,this is &quot ;killed the wrong man &quot ;Lu Xun read this .Article, wrote a dispute ,published in April 12th, declares B free talk ( income pseudo free book ) ,article from Yuan Shikai to do the emperor and wantonly murder ,said &quot ;now warlords ;&quot ;&quot ;they played fight at outrance ,seems to feel irreconcilable hatred for sb.
Like, but later ,as long as a l out of R ,also will Be polite ,but for the revolutionaries ,even without a fight ,never let go of L .They know well .&quot ;&quot ;so I think ,Chinese revolution to make into this appearance ,not because they are l killed the wrong person R ,it is because we are wrong .
&quot ;a good look at everyone ,here called &quot ;the wrong man ,&quot ;&quot &quot refers to the past ;wrong ;Yuan Shikai ,but now refers to &quot &quot ;wrong ;Jiang Jieshi. However ,if the specific view, Hu Shi ,it is often more than the Lu Xun directly ,understand ,identify by name the person public criticism ,is not unique .
In 1929 &quot &quot ;human rights ;period ,he several times criticized Jiang Jieshi .In the human rights in one article lists the Kuomintang authorities violations of human rights case, occupied a case involving Jiang Jieshi himself :&quot ;such as Anhui University, a fellow student, because of language against President Jiang ,was detained for a few days.
His family and friends have begged everywhere ,not to any court to sue President Jiang .Can only plead not complain, this is the rule, not the rule. &quot ;this is to be in charge of Jiang Jieshi ,also is strong Adjustable to anyone not himself above the law .
Also, in when can we have the Constitution? ,Hu Shi wrote :&quot ;we don such a constitution or constitutional and political tutelage, why cannot exist at the same time .We must understand ,constitutional functions not only lies in the provisions of the people right, more important is provided to government authority.
A fundamental law, the government organs shall not exceed their legal rights ,so that they shall not infringe upon the rights of the people of MM Si that is the democratic political training .
The extent of young people ,people is in need of training ,the government also needs training .People need the l into the school reading R ,however, Mr. Jiang Jieshi ,Mr. Feng Yuxiang ,that many long comrade and small comrade ,life dream Republic is what appearance, nor early into the school reading L R? &quot ;Hu Shi in the emphasis here is on the democratic practice ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,need and need training .
Accept this kind of training is not only the masses of the people ,including Jiang Jieshi .All previously not understand democracy government officials ,more need to be trained .It is to Jiang Jieshi in the democratic politics before willing pupil, honestly back The bag ,sitting in the classroom ,from ABC learning .
But Hu Shi can identify by name the person names Jiang Jieshi and Lu Xun did not ,as evidenced by Hu Shi more than Lu Xun ,more be fearless courage ,the more critical spirit ?No! Can conclude that ,Last day!Deciding Hu Shi &quot ;dare &quot ;and Lu Xun &quot &quot ;dare ;,not personal courage ,courage ,the spirit of criticism, but other more complicated factors.
&quot ;pretend nothing party &quot ;and &quot ;should a government &quot ;to understand why Lu Xun &quot &quot ;dare ;identify by name the person called Jiang Jieshi Hu Shi and &quot &quot ;dare ;,also from two people have different ideas about politics .
Lu Xun political ideas ,it is really very difficult in the existing category .Lu Xun was an anarchist thought influence, but it qualified to anarchists .He actually has not declared that espoused anarchism ,no positive positive publicity without government idea ,concept .
Can probably be said of Lu Xun ,of any kind of political theory is not enforced ,for any a national political plan are not interested in .It originates from Lu Xun &quot to &quot ;politics The deep suspicion ;Lu Xun attention .
The Chinese nation ,the rise and fall of vital importance ,but little from the state government ,social system and political dimensions to explore this issue. He has a very stubborn idea ,namely, only the majority of Chinese are awakened ,only small Q ,intercalary soil we are the real enlightenment ,the Chinese nation can stand at world nation forest ,ultimately from being bullied ,humiliation fate.
If no people real development ,such as no public true consciousness ,no matter how modern state regime, no matter how advanced the political system ,but the sand the building ,the paper clothes .
In this sense ,may say that Lu Xun is a political skeptic .A critical biography of Lu Xun Cao Juren in ,said Lu Xun &quot ;&quot :&quot ;politics ;the author was affected by M word effect, this sentence ,from the Shang ,called l Wu Qiubei to one husband r.
hh which means that everyone has his own experience ,each one has his strengths,エアジョーダン5 at any time, not everything is known ,all know ;think so, we for Lu Xun not to mention the active politics ,also be due to Lu Xun text ,A moving force ;we read his thoughts ,feel very happy, so for his political views ,but not completely go deep and .
Actually he brought strong nihilism color ,do not believe that any party have any success .The author ,and he is a bit close; I think the political progressive or backward the progress of the development ,and the people are closely related ,as the political doctrine, doctrine of content how ,not very coherent .
,Sun Zhongshan took the three principles of the people the strategy speaks as if it were raining flowers ,results ,So handsome Buddha,the national government ,the Northern Warlords period rather than the extent of corruption ,and ,far too when the transportation department on the politics ,completely disappointed ,but also the people in common .
&quot ;( Oriental publishing center 1999 editionpage 205th ) the reason why Lu Xun &quot ;not to mention the active politics ,&quot ;and that don which is intended to be disdained .Since the politics has a deep suspicion ,since that both what a wonderful political ideas are nothing but talk ,then of course would not own to offer politics .
In Lu Xun ,politics ,especially the Chinese political ,but &quot &quot ;drama ;,various Politicians ,but &quot ;pretend nothing party &quot ;.a diary in immediately ,Lu Xun said :&quot ;have a look some in China ,at least on et al ,their for God,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,Nike Air Foamposite One Recently, religion ,traditional authority ,is the letter R and l from L R ,or L R and l using R? Just look at their good at change ,without a fuck ,what also do not believe ,but always put out and inner two frame .
To find nothing party ,in China is very many ;and Russian different premises, only when they think so ,they say ,in so doing, we can though think so ,is that ,in the background to do so ,to the front desk and so do HH this special character ,also known as l R or l dramatic nihilist decent nihility party r to show the difference .
&quot ;&quot &quot of politics ;drama ;,Lu Xun repeatedly .Pungent satire .This political like &quot &quot ;drama ;concept formation ,causes when more than one ,and Xin Hai later Chinese political turmoil and confusion ,should be prompted Lu Xun regarded politics such as &quot &quot ;drama ;the direct reason.
This is just what he said :&quot ;Xin Hai Revolution saw ,saw the two revolution ,when Zhang Xun met Yuan Shikai ,restoration ,look and see ,see doubt Up and down ,depressed ,too .
&quot ;( preface ) Lu Xun political views ,or that Lu Xun regarded politics such as &quot &quot ;drama ;concept ,written in 1933Aprilmodern history in one article,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, was the most direct the most typical.
The essay is called &quot &quot modern history ;throughout the text ,but is written ;&quot &quot street ;conjuring ;description of the street space .In some trick ,Lu Xun said :this open space, is temporarily silent .
After some time ,they come to this one. There is a saying, &quot ;magic everyone can change ,each there are subtly different .&quot ;is actually many years, always in this set, there are always people watching ,there will always be people who Huazaa ,but it must be quiet a few days .
I finished saying ,meaning is shallow enough, but that you Huazaa a link, and the static for several days ,then come again this set here .I remember the wrong topic ,it is neither dead nor alive into &quot ;&quot ;things.
According to the surface of the article ,topic nature should be set to &quot ,&quot ;conjuring ;because not every single word or phrase referred to &quot &quot ;modern history ;and put the &quot .
&quot ;magic ;three word &quot ;wrong &quot ;in &quot &quot ;modern history ;,because in Lu Xun It seems ,a modern history ,Nike Lebron 8,is nothing more than magic .On the politics of this profound suspicion ,that Lu Xun is not &quot &quot ;politician ;place any hope ,do not think that political system reform and the construction of any real effect.
And Hu Shi is different .Hu Shi was attached to the enlightenment ,also take much trouble to do a makeover for life our deep thinking, the values of work ,but he does not put the ideological and cultural enlightenment as the only things worth doing ,and did not take it with political system reform in opposition, in two among some neglected.
In Hu Shi ,ideological and cultural aspects of the enlightenment is important ,people deep psychology ,consciousness ,the concept of innovation is important, but the real political operation level change is also a brook no delay .
So Hu Shi also on the political dimensions of the building cast with great enthusiasm .If Lu Xun constructive efforts for ideological and cultural enlightenment ,on current political is a dig ,myself and no positive opinion to express ,and no &quot ;&quot ;to promote ,the Hu Shi in the two aspects of positive ,constructive force .
And Hu Shi is in the current political level Can also be passionately make a positive and constructive efforts ,because he has a positive and constructive political beliefs in the drive ,because he believe firmly ,&quot ;&quot ;to publicize .
Must go to Anglo-American constitutional democracy political road ,must be in China the total abolition of rule of man and the rule of law ,we must termination by politicians like &quot &quot ;conjuring ;general political operation to &quot ;a planned political &quot ;,must cogent the protection of human rights ,we must allow the opposition exists, and so on ,this is what drives Hu Shi to take a positive constructive political beliefs ,this is Hu Shi to propagate the &quot &quot ;Marxism ;faith in Hu Shi ,Hu Shi .
&quot ;&quot ;,also known as the Anglo-Saxon liberalism political philosophy. And Hu Shi is able to have such a firm political belief and persistence in Marxism ,&quot ;&quot ;because he believes that the current political reform and construction ,is not essential ,not be of no great importance .
He convinced &quot ;&quot and &quot ;government ;government ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot and &quot good government ;government ;bird &quot ;( &quot ;&quot bird government ;also Hu Shi term ,see Hu Shi Poems Double Tenth Festival ghost song ) is a fundamental distinction .
Hu Shi attaches great importance to the ideological and cultural enlightenment ,but do not agree that only people thought culture quality are improved to the extent necessary to have engaged in system construction idea.
Hu Shi is &quot ;political instrumentalists ,namely &quot ;politics as a state government a necessary tool. &quot ;&quot and &quot ;government ;government ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot and &quot good government ;government ;bird &quot ;distinction, is the &quot ;&quot and &quot ;tools ;no tool &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;tool ;& &quot ;bird tool &quot ;difference.
&quot ;to do good work ,must first sharpen his device .&quot ;to the prosperity of the country ,to public peace ,first to the &quot &quot ;politics ;this tool grinding ,with Hu Shi the usual argument ,is political to &quot ;tracks from &quot ;.
At that time to the present, there are a lot of people think ,has a good tool ,from the government official to the broad masses of the people, who do not know the mouth tool performance ,can not reasonably use this tool, it won .
And Hu Shi thinks ,want from the government official to the broad masses of the people truly understand and good use of good tools ,it Must have it .Perhaps at the beginning you can correctly understand and use this tool ,but this tool in use process, gradually to understand correctly and use reasonably.
In front of quoted Hu Shi when can we have the Constitution? in the democratic political training stressed. Hu Shi thinks ,should move toward the rule of law ,democracy ,must create a constitution, and then from Jiang Jieshi ,Feng Yuxiang to the broad masses of the people, can know what is right ,what is compulsory ,can slowly learn of law-abiding use .
A similar view ,Hu Shi many times &quot &quot ;publicity ;.For example ,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ chaos ensues,in 1922 August forendeavor to write this week ( Hu Shi and two episodes) ,Hu Shi said :we need to understand :by creed is a kind of faith.
Faith is what ?First ,faith national can at least bullying at the moment ,not wronged in second ,permanent .Belief system of legal change density can range from people ,but people legal training ,can maintain the rule of law.
Third ,by itself is a kind of civic education .To him, today he may be traded ,but there will not sell tickets For a day ;but if you don give him a ticket, he now had no such opportunity ,will not selling skills .
If because &quot ;tissue without preparation ,exercise did not become &quot ;,not a government by people ,it is because the child afraid of fall will not call him to learn .Learn go free fall only way ,by &quot &quot ;exercise ;the only way to people !Hu Shi emphasizes ,must be in by the people in society by the people, must be in the use of tools to learn the use of tools .
Hu Shi believed ,system itself has the function of education, it can guide ,training officers and people gradually understand it and use it. If must wait until the official people really understand a system to build such a system ,it is said that must be learned to swim to the water as absurd.
Usually say Hu Shi is &quot ;good anarchist &quot ;.In fact ,Hu Shi is a &quot ;a government &quot ;&quot ;&quot .Good government ;is for " the Japanese government &quot ;character .
But if even a &quot ;bird government &quot ;no ,if the society into different forms of &quot ;the &quot ;state ,the so-called &quot &quot ;good government ;it even more impossible. In this Under the circumstances ,had to strive for a government &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;the government .
So ,&quot ;is for " the &quot ;character .In the diary on June 18, 1921 ,Hu Shi wrote :&quot ;now the young man put anarchism as a fashionable thing ,this is wrong. Now we must not blah without government ,we should talk about a government ,should have a good government .
In Hu Shi ,the Kuomintang one-party dictatorship was the &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,Wholesale half off card games,&quot ;Party ;,is also a kind of &quot ;the &quot ;&quot ;&quot .&quot ;political party ;party ,&quot ;&quot &quot &quot ;government ;government ;&quot ;,the two cannot be confused .
If only &quot &quot ;political parties ;the supreme authority ,&quot &quot ;government ;absolute answer to &quot ;&quot party ;,that is &quot ;political not on track &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,エアジョーダン4,no government ;also .
It is based on this understanding ,diary in September 3, 1930 ,Hu Shi wrote: &quot ;in eleven years ,we published a political advocate, to a l Government R. Mm now in nineteen years mm if I made a political opinion ,I would like to make a step further ,the L R word go to, as long as a l government r.
&quot ;such as If the Lu Xun is more or less a little &quot ;anarchist &quot ;color ,that Hu Shi is a &quot ;a government &quot ;;if it appears in the Lu Xun government from magic as &quot ;&quot ;,a form of government to replace another kind of form of government ,it is &quot ;although for signs ,goods ,or &quot ;that in Hu Shi ,the different forms of government the difference is very big ,build a good government &quot ;&quot ;Lu ,Hu Erren is crucial .
Different political ideas and political attitudes ,decided in their Kuomintang rule all the land ,to the inevitable with different mentality and adopt a different attitude .&quot ;at last who perished with &quot ;&quot ;save a fraud is a &quot &quot ;as ;political skeptic &quot ;Lu Xun ,for any political party is never trust ,to any government would not support.
Lu Xun called &quot ;modern history &quot ;since the Republic of China ,Adidas Wings,is nothing more than the history of the Republic of China history .While Lu Xun sought by the northern warlords ,power and the Kuomintang in two periods .
The government of the northern warlords ,Lu Xun was hated, from remember Liu Tuozhu missing the return force Di Cong busy at this school we went round bridle angry striata The hinge member has to pay up the thrill of the causticizing Yi spring ,5topay ,on high spring Yi is going up the hammer falls or thrill ?927 yearsof Kuomintang party &quot ;&quot ;Lu Xun &quot ,terrified ;&quot ;then he would look at with angry eyes ,the Kuomintang .
He told the Japanese friends Tian She has expressed the Kuomintang party &quot ;&quot ;can not accept, and said :&quot ;at this point ,the old warlord is also honest, they start to be Communist Party, always adhere to their principles.
Their doctrine is not to like ,so long as you do not come near it ,fight it on the line .While the approach taken is simply to deceive ;killing method more vicious . HH since then ,for a massacre KMT do material ,how do I also feel tired, always feel hateful.
They killed many of my students .&quot ;(see by Tian She Lu Xun .) a on the special hatred and hostility ,that Lu Xun could not associated with any political cooperation. Lu Xun even in the mood for the Kuomintang regime collapse ,in July 11, 1933 to a Japanesefriend Yamamoto hatsue Lu Xun said :&quot ;Japan often miss the beautiful scenery ,,but it seems Hard place.
Even if go ,don let me log .More importantly ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes,I now also cannot leave China .If used assassination can put people intimidated, the assassin will be more arrogant .They all said ,I already have fled to Qingdao ,I am more than in Shanghai, and wrote an article called them at last ,who perished.
&quot ;of the Kuomintang ,Hu Shi is actually quite unhappy .Early in 1922 August forendeavor to write this week ,Hu Shi of the Kuomintang made sharp criticism. Chen Jiongming and Sun Zhongshan after the conflict, some sun faction of the Kuomintang people have accused Chen Jiongming &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;paradox ;rebel &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;commit ;.
Hu Shi particularly intolerant of such accusations ,call &quot ;old morality dead resurrection :&quot ;&quot ;we can ,in a republic country, contrary to what is called Lord ,what is called the rebel ?55treason,what behavior is revolution ?How is the act of treason ?Cai E pushed Yuan Shikai rebel ,is it right? ?Wu Peifu pushed Duan Qirui away ,is it right? Rebel? Wu Peifu Xu Shichang ,is it right? Rebel? If sun sent ethical insights ,not only should the overthrow of Sun Wen Chen Jiongming ,Wu Pei Fu also should not the overthrow of Duan Qirui and Xu Shichang ;and not only so ,according to the same reason, Chen Jiongming should always be loyal Sun Wen ,Wu Peifu also should always be loyal to Cao Kun .
We are not for the Chen Jiongming defense ;Chen sent soldiers this time off Sun Wen ,perhaps can attack the place ;but we are opposed to those who carried out the L R L R ,contrary to the main rebel rebel ,l r old moral dead bodies to attack Chen Jiongming .
&quot ;Hu Shi is emphasized :Chen Jiongming the sun itself is reasonable or not is one thing ,whether his behavior can be called &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;paradox ;make &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;rebellion ;it is another matter ;even the old behavior is to be blamed ,in a republic country, also cannot think this type of behavior is contrary to what &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;make ;&quot ;rebellion ;Hu Shi further pointed out that ,in the Kuomintang .
Inside are the &quot ;old morality dead resurrection ,Nike Air Foamposite Pro,but because Sun Zhongshan &quot ;&quot ;with a secret association approach to politics ,therefore the foundation of &quot ;too bad :alliance is a kind of secret societies ,the KMT is a party ,the Chinese revolutionary party and new China The party is a political party with a secret association approach .
In an open party politics ,Party members as the union, is not it casual leave ,,this is commonplace ;in normal society, politics was not on track ,politics may lead to armed conflict of the revolution ,the is one thing .
But the Sun Chen conflicts is not so simple .Sun Wen given the Kuomintang still want to recover the secret association way to group party .Because Chen Jiongming is the new nationalist party ,had not left the party leader ,and attack ,the use of secret society moral standard look ,Chen Jiongming is naturally rebel sinners .
Chen has not made a responsible declaration ,probably for this reason .We onlookers saw only a strength and a powerful faction broke up ,so it is realized as a revolutionary movement ,and in the Sun Shiyi people just be a sworn members attack him should obey the leader ,it carried out the &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;rebellion ;the killer &quot ;old nouns to beat him.
This is now our observation. But we go further, put forward a question :a secret association ceremony whether suitable for large-scale party secret association with ?To maintain the party members and methods in modern society can lasting ?This one &quot &quot ;system ;problem also appears to have a discussion of the value .
Here Hu Shi actually has two kinds of different political parties to make a distinction. One is the modern democratic party ,the party politics ,Party members in &quot ;and were kept, is it casual &quot ;this is common ,such as &quot ;&quot ;secret societies ;type &quot ;&quot party ,is the lakes gang ;type &quot ;&quot party ;,in this &quot ;&quot party ,Party members can not be opposed ;&quot ;leader ,not &quot ;&quot ;and &quot ;otherwise ,&quot ;&quot ,&quot is contrary to ;make ;&quot ;&quot ,&quot is rebellious ;Hu Shi ;on this &quot .
The &quot ;scold ;,should saying is quite sharp ,this is equivalent to dig graves .In severely criticized the Kuomintang ,and NP occurs in the sharp conflict between this point ,Hu Shi actually much earlier than Lu Xun .
Since the foundation is bad ,the government in Nanjing ,the establishment of master the rule of power ,Hu Shi and the conflict is inevitable. The government of Nanjing was established in 1927 1929,Hu Shi and other liberal intellectuals launched a critique of the Kuomintang &quot &quot ;human rights ;.
In a sense ,Hu Shi in 1929 to the criticism ,was 1922 against the Kuomintangcritical continue. Of course ,critique of a 1929 ,grew to great much, critical surface is also more widely. However ,even if Hu Shi like Lu Xun of the Kuomintang regime with hatred and hostility ,he also not like Lu Xun hope this regime as soon as &quot &quot ;death ;,not identity to violent revolution to overthrow it .
Here show &quot political skepticism ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot political instrumentalism ;difference. In Hu Shi ,the KMT regime is a not ideal &quot ;&quot ;,but in China the circumstance at that time, if the violent means to destroy the &quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot ,replace sb.
;tools ;may not be ideal ,but the nation has to pay a heavy price for shed blood like water .In the progress of the society ,the prosperity of a country ,a nation revitalize ,Hu Shi is not believed to have what method of accomplish at one stroke ,he believes only &quot ;every little bit of modified &quot ;,and don have between one night really saving power .
So for violence to solve political problems ,he is With deep suspicion :&quot ;we are not recognized as politically what fundamentally solved .Two of the world revolution ,a revolution ,a revolution in Russia ,the surface can be solved ,however bones always escape the complications of specific problems; although Fiat temporarily, vibration bes ,France and Russia finally can not cope with the problems that every little bit .
&quot ;( this week ) since to violent means to destroy the &quot ;&quot ;is not desirable, then how do ?Hu Shi :every little bit of it .Hu Shi emphasized the violent revolution can not really solve the problem at the same time ,also emphasized :&quot ;we should take the usual political big hope temporarily away, only to save a l ruler in inches of R Decun footage ,hope ,can then be cool to measure the real political change.
&quot ;( this week ) it also clearly shows ,Hu Shi thought ,the only feasible ,is in a progressive manner ,one foot one inch to the &quot &quot ;secret societies ;and lakes Gang type NP into a modern democratic party ,the Chinese reform of modern democratic countries .
This kind of idea ,also decided between Hu Shi and the KMT regime must be that Both the cooperative and antagonistic. Transformed premise is preserved .If the &quot ;&quot ;fundamentally destroyed ,called &quot ;to ulnar footage ,Decun into ;&quot ;&quot ;also does not have belongs to .
So ,in the face of vital importance when the KMT regime ,Hu Shi from &quot &quot ;moral ;support it .Transformation means close to it ,touch it, and it is necessary to maintain the &quot ;&quot ;,if blindly alienated ,avoidance ,confrontation ,the so-called &quot &quot ;transformation ;also mentioned.
Of course ,transformation means more criticism ,means from the front request, this also means that a recurrent confrontation. &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot means ,reconstruction ;is the goal ,but not against &quot ;&quot ;there is no so called &quot &quot ;transformation ;the establishment of the Nanjing government .
From 1927 ,to 1962 Hu Shidepart from the world for ever ,between Hu Shi and the relationship, cooperation and confrontation are available &quot ;&quot ;to summarize. We know ,Lu Xun was pregnant with &quot ;at last who die &quot ;mentality and the battle of &quot ;&quot ;,and Hu Shi was pregnant with &quot remedy defects and rectify errors ;&quot ;the purpose of the criticism ,accusing In the human rights movement .
&quot ;&quot ;after the outbreak of the July 2, 1929, Hu Shi wrote in his diary :&quot ;our attitude is l modified R approach ,we do not ask who in the table, just want to do some remedy defects and rectify errors work.
Make a branch is a branch ,save a fraud is a driven .Lu ,Hu Erren criticized the different mentality ,but also decides they must adopt different criticism. &quot ;&quot and &quot ;better shut up ;think of an important national issue &quot ;Lu ,Hu Erren on the critically, in a manner showed distinctive differences .

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