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Strange stories from a Tang poem Q escort

Preface: small long are not "Liaozhai Q biography" blog, see you still so enthusiastic support, small make up mind to appreciate, prawns and bowed! Long time no see you, or rather miss the, O (c_c) Oh then Xiaobian for so long did not appear, this is definitely reason, let me explain.
Two years ago, "Liaozhai Q biography" suddenly rise of a company, called " Tang, of course, no " the two refers to "Q" from the time. Xiaobian I also inadvertently heard,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo this thing well ., the curiosity of the instigation I went there, previously only seen on TV biaoshi life, I really want to experience, then under the alias of small nine into the company.
It is really lucky, I to the day happened to be no action handyman and biaoshi days,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, registration but huge crowds of people, nor is the poetry of the Tang Dynasty in the escort alley block Yanyanshishi, I would never have squeezed into it, there is no way, Xiaobian had to cross the wall into the escort back yard,Adidas Porsche Design, I was fortunate or unfortunate, was escort miss big caught red-handed, of course I have explained to her, as I have a sense of justice do not to do things stealthily, but she isA reasonable person, he took me to the hall for original well.
No big deal, but unfortunately fell, she said to check my martial arts, see if I am qualified to do personal bodyguard, when everyone is surprised at her, some of the elderly has begun she said, my heart is depressed to death also cannot say, you know, she is a lady, if I win, that her face where to put, and look at the hall of the young personal bodyguard's eyes know, if I dare to hurt a hair on her head, I don't want to end up out of the security door, lost the worse, only to immediately leave, then I do personal bodyguard's dream is undone.
I where cudgel thinking solution, several of the old people there also earnestly advised that, even the last wife woke! Madam speaker, she dare not adhered to, the last is Tang Shaoqing is a middle-aged man to consider my martial arts, is also has ever missed it, win or lose, dozens of rounds, he said I passed, Tang onbiaoju immediately put my heart,Jeremy Scott Adidas fish mouth shoe heel, which made me very surprised, when no income is easy! Later learned that he is no three Tang poems big dartOne is the general head, the dart head is no master Tang Shaoyun's younger brother, will be able to follow him into the company, in three, and I was fourth,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, I also want to low-key, results HH alas, cleverness may overreach itself.
, no wonder the guy after hey hey laugh at me,Adidas Jeremy Scott! Anyway, so, I became a member of the poetry of the Tang dynasty company, although still only biaoshi team in a small work biaoshi, only with the old caravan guards behind to learn, want to do a formal personal bodyguard,Chinese traditional costumes - the dress, there is still a long way to go, but my dream is the first step to achieve.
Want to know the story these two years is what? Wait for the next time with you, Xiaobian I hit the road, first from the "strange stories Q biography" continent "and detains the dart to Q industry" world
capital, do not recognize road, time tight, if you really want to find me, go "aspect of Q industry" website, there is my message, I told my little nine,Jeremy Scott Adidas, hey! Tian Hangzhou science and technology limited

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