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Spring training

1, spring fitness matters needing attention: attention to prepare activities: due to changes in the warm spring from cold weather, when the temperature is low,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, the central temperature regulation and the function of internal organs are reduced in different degrees, muscles, joints and other organ viscosity strong, therefore, must be fully prepared before exercise activities, in order to avoid muscle or ligament strain and sprain and other accidents.
Cold wind fog: early spring season, climate is constantly changing, the morning exercise, clothes to wear too little, sweat can not be reduced too much. After exercise should be promptly wiped away sweat.
When the sandstorm weather is the best choice of safe environment exercise,Adidas Porsche Design, fog days to try to select air flow in the environment of exercise. To master the movement: the spring amount of exercise can increase gradually, but do not be impetuous, not to blindly over, lest cause excessive fatigue.
2, spring training benefits: spring, everywhere full of vigour, is precisely the people long height, increase muscle opportunity. For spring training, can be to take in more oxygen and negative ions, improve the body the new supersedes the old.
, spring in the ultraviolet highly bactericidal function, can promote the body form of vitamin D, help adolescent bone development and growth of spring.Easy to make " spring fever,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000 and vice versa, if " strengthen positive fitness activities, will overcome " spring fever phenomenon, a " be in fine Fig.
3, spring training methods: children according to site, time, hobbies and other selected exercise program,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, such as shuttlecock,Jogging what time, rope skipping, jumping rubber band, kite flying, spring is the kite's excellent season, fly a kite when hand in line and use the whole body, a hand coordination, strong physically and mentally.
Spring is a spring fitness in a good way, use the weekend and friends and family to walk in the country, an endless enjoyment. Young friend's fitness in many ways, such as walking, running, basketball, climbing and other sports activities, conditional person can also travel.
In older and lose weight for low intensity,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com Zhang., low energy consumption patterns of movement, including: walking, walking, fitness, travel, biking, entertainment, garden labor. Specific methods: A, breathing: supine, both hands on the abdominal umbilical week, exhale, hands down slightly with pressure, abdominal sink, inspiratory time, hands up, abdominal bulge.
Breathe in through your nose, mouth like whistling breath. The expiratory time long, short time of inspiratory, expiratory and inspiratory time ratio is 2: 150 ~ 100 times, breathing becomes inverse breath method.
Two, reverse breathing method: with smooth breath method is basically the same, just breathe subsidence for abdominal, chest expansion,Adidas Wings, exhale abdominal bulge, let the chest narrowing, breathing 50 ~ 100 times and then into a smooth breath law, both three, breathing alternately.
Exercises: attention, his arms upward, flared, snuff, accompanied by suction, both hands to chest close slowly, when the suction end, his arms folded, then like whistling breath, and abdomen squat, leaning forward, filed two heel, reducing.
Repeated, each time 5 ~ 10 minutes. In general, with inverse breathing exercises after. For more than three of respiratory motion exercise, exercisers should persevere, repeated, step by step. The best daily morning and evening two.
Practice range from small to big, speed from slow to fast, from less to more times. Exercisers did not dress, gorge or starvation exercise. Exercising, thoughts, omphaloskepsis, upper and lower teeth closed, gas, ajar exhaled,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, biped does not leave, body integrity, so that blood flow is smooth, breathing section.

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