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Monday, 30-Apr-2012 18:15 Email | Share | Bookmark
By buying the shoes caused complaints!

The mall to buy shoes, walking for a whole morning, even a pair of Italian shoes also didn't see. Phase ~ ~ when depressed!! I wonder why popular this year, these shoes are not seen again not practical?? if so, why are so many people to buy it is,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, to put it? Is it just because it is new? Just because of out of the ordinary? More and more do not understand now, why so advocating popular trend, like the grass, completely by &quot " prevalence; this superficial things to play in his hands.
But if you follow the tight, or miss popular things change quickly, this dress is popular today, a few days just may become too vulgar to be endured goods, is popular today this hairstyle, a few months will become old like HH suit do not feel tired? The most important of these is the popular things are not necessarily good, and even some something was obviously very vulgar!! everyone has his own characteristic, so to find a suitable is the best,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, not necessarily to follow suit.
From shoes start. I visited most of the day, in fact, each store shoes are very much the same,Adidas Wings In addition, probably can be divided into two styles,One is the every kind of flip-flops, which with the stones, or is the colorful beads, or brightly coloured cloth.
I can't believe what flip-flops, wear uncomfortable?? I believe that each person in a period of time, will put his foot out, I have such through, remember that pair of shoes, I wear 2 days, sent people.
So from then on he appeared this kind of shoes. There is one drawback is, every rainy day, the shoes will be a lot of water thrown on his lap, if more water into the shoes, slippery slide autumn, walk along a road to come particularly hard.
Even if these shoes are very nice, very popular, but not for me, why should I buy it? Buy shoes to protect the foot,Goodbye, Houston _ Wang Meng _ Sina blog, not to decorate the foot, I don't want to wear a pair of give me life inconvenience even painful and beautiful shoes! Another is that foundation! Especially thick or is particularly high in slippers, and even some or wood, so heavy shoes to wear, say,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, look not feel the beauty! Another is summer.
Don't know why, since last year the Korean strong hit, whether small or shirt or coat,, the skirt or not, all isKorean. Once, I went to the shop to see the dress, the boss took it to me, say, " it now sells very well, very nice,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, have a try.
" so I have doubt tried, I am not satisfied, this dress is the female lines are covered, such as maternity. So the boss seems to look down to say, " this is to sell the fastest one, is the new Korean, very popular.
" I am despised replied, " not everyone likes the Korean wave, popular things is not necessarily a good boss. " no words to say. The results turn a lot of shops, almost every shop owner will give you recommend a is, in my opinion is the same maternity, from then on, I will from the heart with hanbok, perhaps because that too much, perhaps because it seems to me is really not good.
Depressed ah, I bought this summer in a casual T-shirt and a pair of breeches, what also didn't buy the clothing store,Miyun trip, also to the many,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, is unable to find their own love. Alas, even has diverted fashion idea, what do you want to wear what on the design, so that it does not have to go every dayStreet choose clothes, also does not need to be unable to find suitable clothes and distressed.

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