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[quote] Yang Hengjun, Mubarak!

Some names like our memory as long ,sounds than our own names are more familiar with . Kampuchea Prince Sihanouk ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings is a lifelong friend.,North Korea Kim Jong Il ,Cuba and the Castro and Mubarak of Egypt ,are some name like to study international relations me, these names like the history of ghost ,wandering in the world sky, lingering ,they became the times not to label.
Today ,and from these names crossed out one. In the Egyptian ruling thirty years of Mubarak under the power of the people and the resignation of Mubarak ,&quot ;&quot ;the end of the era .
Although these ten days, my heart every hour and moment with those of Egypt people on the streets in the side ,but my &quot ;&quot international knowledge ;but let me not to the &quot ;Mubarak &quot ;the name give birth to more hate ,even some I regret :Egypt Egypt is less Mubarak ?Mubarak ?Mubarak ,Egypt ,http://www.nikesforce1.com/,mummies ,at least in my age reading people, can not be separated .
We are looking to change reality ,and Mubarak manufacturing &quot ;&quot :&quot told the facts ;&quot ;Mubarak ;the name was once let Egypt in the turmoil of North Africa and the Middle East between stable for a long time ;he ruled Egypt ,in a time of economic development is very rapid ,but ,Mubarak government is also the region secular regime ;he solves dress warmly ,the people of Egypt ,that brought stability ;he and mummy have become essential symbol of Egypt .
Mubarak: Oh ,this name was carrying the glory and dream ,also control the people on the ancient civilization of Egypt and Iraq and imagination ,East Asian countries ,is the history of mankind civilizations, also because of so ,the modern democratic ideas in these countries have relatively stubborn &quot &quot ;ancient civilization ;the contradiction,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, also makes the Middle East ,East Asia ,Egypt the cradle of human civilization has become the Earth last few remain to be further democratic countries focus .
However, it should be Mubarak you build up establishment good opportunity ,you should know ,democratic tide go forward with great strength and vigour ,is delayed a few days, never stop ,why don in the thirty year of the reign of the long years Months of any moment ,make a new start of good advice ,use your power ,with people together, let the ancient civilization bloom ?You just delay ,resist ,on some of the original can bring light to Egypt ,for you bring out reform say never ?Finally to is forced to resign sadly ?Mubarak ,originally can also load the Egyptians more glory and dream ,if he is not in such a way out ,if in the thirty year of his reign ,even before he enjoyed thirty years of absolute power after last years to implement the reform of the political system ;if he can comply with the public opinion ,seize the opportunity of good advice .
,he not only can wind scene light left politics ,may even be gratitude of the Egyptian people put on the altar dedicated to it ,like the Americans towards Washington .But this possibility is not, he made the biggest mistake is to forget that Eisenhower once said :if people just food and clothing can be satisfied, they would rather stay in prison .
To tell the truth ,in my limited knowledge ,I do not think that after today ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,and will more than you ruled Egypt economy develop faster The political situation ,more stable ,more harmonious society &quot ;&quot ;these are -- you always refused to give up the absolute power of the right to the people ,reform more excuses ,but also the United States always support you important reason -- but ,if you have a bit of history knowledge, you should be clear ,no matter future Egypt what kind of experience pain and suffering ,it will never return to the &quot ;Mubarak &quot ;age, and people will gradually realize ,in this country has democratic transition of chaos, not without you, Mubarak ,but once you there ruled Egypt for too long !Farewell ,Mubarak !When I was the University, in the study and memorize you how to govern the people ,leading them to war ,solve their food and clothing ,use your method with Egyptian features to construct the harmonious society, my son is so far in the university to read about your textbook ,now ,the Egyptian people finally rose up ,give you ,but also to the whole world.
How to manage one of the country important lesson: the illegal regime ,it is not lawful ,whether you have how highfalutin reasons ,no matter how you blandishments ,no matter how powerful your army .
For you this The old person, it is the last lesson. But in this world there are a few countries and grasp the absolute power of the people, but not the last lesson. I really hope you can have a chance to talk about this lesson of experience ,to the world final left some useful things.
In the past ten days there ,people took to the streets ,the situation changes dramatically ,during this period ,you must hesitate ,hesitation ,may also be considered if ordered to shoot the people ,at last ,you just hope people can give you for a period of time ,even if only a few months -- some people say you want to use this time to arrange the posterior ,transfer your family and your shadow interest group corruption money ,let yourself hand over power to a soft landing, but I have another idea ,The Democratic Progressive Party take spell an election strength spell economy.,or is it fantasy : for an 80 years old,this ten days you still struggled to retain power ,will not be because you woke up ,do you regret it ?So ,you want to catch the last bit of power ,for your people to do one thing ,to free and fair elections right back to them ?And also for you to do a great thing :the dream for people ,let your glory leave ,also let you name The history books ?But ,too late ,Go back to childhood......!You have thirty years ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,but you did not give the people of Egypt and the opportunity ,this time, they are not willing to give you a day time opportunity ,you do not deserve .
Because you out ,this years day seemed to come ahead of schedule,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme, some still life is distributed in a mummy odor country people suddenly remembered ,every one of us ,in fact ,democracy and freedom of life have a date.

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The education of love fourth chapters

In January fourth teachers help four days his father well ,Mr. happy ,is really sick .It leave ,sir ,in addition there is a help to substitute teachers .It is not a beard like a child .
Today ,the school had a shameful thing :the teachers help ,Hsu Chi Valentine's day hope to love let foreigners left to get right close Figure ,no matter how students said he ,he is not angry ,just say ;&quot ;you! Monastic moment !&quot ;before two days, the classroom has disturbed state ,today unexpectedly made no clear .
That is really rare harassment. Mr. voice was heard ,no matter how to ,how to induce students as ear ,wind .Mr. President ever to the door to see two times, the headmaster turned ,harassed remain unchanged .
On behalf of Roxie and Caron in front turned around, to the wink calls them quiet ,they refused to static .This band only by hand made table head with meditation ,the hook nose old stamps businessman Kalofer ,he gave them each cable copper an ink bottle ,color products ,do a lottery.
The rest some laughed ,some say ,some with pen awl with desks ,some used suspenders on the rubber elastic ball teachers help a .A to ban them ,or to catch him Hand ,or is pulled to call him upright wall corner.
But still invalid. Teachers help without law ,calmly and they say ;&quot ;why do you ?Must I punish you ?&quot ;said to blow knock table ,with angry and sad voice call :&quot ;quiet !Quiet !&quot ;but they still don harassment or .
WoolAnd truths to Mr. throwing the spitball ,some blowing whistle ,some with each other to head even bet ,totally do not know what to do .Then came a janitor ,said :&quot ;sir ,Mr. President there are things you .
&quot ;Mr. show very disappointed look ,rose to go. So harassed even more serious .Caron stands up suddenly ,he shakes his head ,clenched fist ,furious that said :&quot ;stop ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce!You are not human !Because Mr.
good talk a little ,you despise him .If Mr. with off, you will be like a dog fell on the ground !Sneaky things !If anyone dare mock sir ,I will break his teeth !Is he parents see ,I don !&quot ;we do not sound .
When Charon .It is a solemn :a standing, eyes almost angry fire, good Like a roaring lion .He from the bad person ,one one eyes to stare, you have not looked up .Teachers help red eye came in, almost silent even respiratory voices are heard out.
Help teachers to see this appearance ,big accident, just stare stand . Then see Caron be ablaze with anger stood there, guess eight or nine ,stem is used on the brothers spoke that full of love with said :&quot ;&quot ;Caron !Thank you ! with library ,with home in front of the school .
I went to his house ,saw his library ,admire it. This belt is not rich ,not to buy the book ,but he can preserve books ,whether it is a school textbook, either relatives sent his ,are well preserved .
As long as he gets money ,be used to buy the book. He has collected many books ,placed in a gorgeous chestnut bookshelf ,outside with a green curtain cover ,which is said to be the father to him.
As long as the thread pull ,the green curtain took up on one side ,with three books. The various books ,very neat ,spine flashing on a light. One story ,a travel diary ,poems ,and books The color match is wonderful, afar is very beautiful.
For example ,white placed next to the red ,yellow on black side, green on white side. This band also often put the many book permutation transform pattern ,think happy. He made a bibliography ,Yan Ran is a librarian at home just in that bookcase next to ,or wipe away dust ,or take the book to turn over ,or check the nail line .
When his thick fingers open the book ,in the paper slot blowing or do something, read a really funny we all have to damage the book ,all his books are new .He got a new book ,wash wipe clean ,insert the bookcase ,now and again out of view, put the book as baby curios ,this is his greatest happiness .
I stopped at his home at one o ,My blueberry nights,he besides books ,nothing at all not to me. After a while ,his plump father out ,hand patted his son back, use and his son like voice said to me :&quot ;this guy you see ?This iron head ,very solid gel ,there will be some hope.
.&quot ;Sri Lanka with such ridicule by his father ,just like pig dog kind eyes half closed .I do not know what ,I can And the strip tease .He was only one year older than me ,it is in any case not to be depended on.
When I came back ,he sent me out, make a great show of being earnest ground says: &quot ;then ,farewell to .&quot ;I don like the man said :&quot ;wish you to .&quot ;home ,my father and I said :&quot ;,with neither ,it does not look good ,his face is seen to laugh ,but somehow ,as soon as I saw him ,he felt a variety of things you can learn.
&quot ;father listened to say :&quot ;this is the boy .Reason :&quot ;.&quot ;I went to his home ,he will not speak to me ,no toys to me. I am very loving to his home to .&quot ;&quot ;this is because you admire the child .
&quot ;father say .Son of a blacksmith is ,AI kiss you is true. I also admire poured to west . No, admire it is insufficient that I didn to the West mood. Not to be the west is the son of a blacksmith ,is the weak child ,with sad eyes ,mind is very small ,the people always say &quot ;the original I ,the original I & quot ;,he is very diligent .
His father is said to have drunk back ,often beat him ,put His book or notebook to throw off. He often face with black streaks or green mark to school ,face swollen when there, eyes red from crying when there are in any case .
Even so ,he never said father river he .&quot ;father playing with your .&quot friends say ;time ,he immediately for the father to protect said :&quot ;no matter, no matter.&quot ;one day ,he saw his composition book burned down half.
He said: &quot ;it is not you burned the ?&quot ;&quot ;yes ,I accidentally left it in the fire .&quot ;he answered . In fact ,this must be his father drunk back kick over the table or the lamp Pour to West family lived in my house roof of the small pavilion .
The porter will often be their home tells the story to my mother to listen. Xueerwei sister one day heard to cry on the West . It is said that he asked his father to buy a grammar book money, his father took him from the stairs played down.
His father always drinking, work ,family is suffering from starvation .Pour to West often hungry the belly to school ,Hakalon gives his bread. The first grade was taught him that Dai Chiyu ,also gave him an apple to eat .
But ,he never say &quot ;Father did not give food &quot ;words. His father has come to school ,pale ,trembling legs ,a pair of black hair ,long way down in front ,with his hat cocked .
Dial to West on the road father ,though fearful earthquake ,but immediately approached .Father and in spite of his son ,he ,like I was thinking of something like. !splash West broken notes can be mended ,or by other books to work hard.
His torn shirt pin securely fastened in ,with too big leather shoes ,wearing long drag onto trousers ,wearing a long coat ,cuff high volume to the elbow .See him that way is really pitiful! Even so ,he is very diligent ,if he is at home can make him free hard ,will be able to get good grades.
This morning, his cheeks with the claw to school ,big home see :&quot ;it is your father ,this cannot say no .It makes you this way ,must be your father. You go tell the headmaster ,Mr.
President will call your father ,for you to persuade his.&quot ;dial to West jump up, red face ,dousuo ,angrily said :&quot ;none of that ,father is not hit me .&quot ;nevertheless ,when attending class later whether he tears fell on the table.
He went to see him, he suppressed my tears !He is still hard to see smile !Tomorrow ,generation of Roxie and Wright truths ,Neely was scheduled to come to my house ,I intend to Kexi about no glory a dog .
I think tomorrow please him ,give him the book ,brought him home everywhere to play ,go back, take fruit to his pocket back. So kind and brave child ,should make him happy ,at least once .
Friends visit ten days today is the best time of year happy Thursday .Just two o ,generation of Roxie and Wright Di claimed that hunchback Neely to .To throw to West because his father forbade him to ,has to generation of Roxie and Wright Di smiled and said to me ,on the road met that sells the wild man klosi ,allegedly carrying a large heart klosi ,said to be sold to buy a pen.
,he recently received a father will soon be coming back from America ,very happy with it. Three friends in my house for two hours ,I get excited . On behalf of Roxie and Wright carefully is the most interesting children ,even my father happy Chri truths in them.
Brown trousers ,wearing a fur hat ,disposition lively ,whenever the activity can not ,or will the immediate things moving ,or it will turn. It is said that he has been transported from this morning ,more than half of the diesel car ,but he hasn fatigue appearance, in my home run ,see what is attention ,export keep talking, like squirrels generally activity .
He went to the kitchen maid ,ask each beam diesel price ,it is said that they store sells a beam angle .He likes telling his father in temperature Pell off Prince men to Kesi off police war time .
Etiquette is very week .Just like my father said :the child was born in Chaidian ,but with a real blue blood . On behalf of Roxie tell interesting words to us . He is familiar with the geography ,but the same as Mr closed his eyes said :&quot ;I now see the whole of Italy .
There are subpopulations with Na Ying mountains prominent in the love ang ,ANN in here and there ,river flow ,white will have a Green Bay ,the sea ,the green islands.&quot ;he in turn to recite the names ,like a map in front of him .
He wore gold button blue shirt, raised his blond head ,closed stone eye ,like standing ,that aspect ,make me We look at the dump. He Ming after large buried memorial day to memorize three pages in a long article ,in one hour to remember.
Neely saw him in that sad eyes show smile .Today meeting is really happy ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,and I are leaving a fire pattern East West. The three of them go back, the two long side clamping auxiliary Neely ,with his hand ,and he tells funny words ,make all along never laughed and laughed.
I read a really glad. Back to the dining room, see usually hang in there a funny picture no ,this is father deliberately removed ,because of fear of Neely saw Vitoria. Ai Manu Ai Leo Wang funeral seventeen days today afternoon two when ,we come into the classroom ,Mr.
called generation .Dailuoxili Roxie moment go up ,stand in the edge of the small table ,and towards our long back that buried memorial speech .Began to recite ,slightly less natural ,that later step by step clear voice ,face full of flush .
&quot ;four years ago today, at the moment, the former king of Vitoria. Love manu rang her Majesty coffin ,welcome to Rome . Vitoria is to the front gate .Love horse Nuai column two the sire ,exploits .
Far better than Italy Please the king ,had split into seven smaller states ,for the invasion and tyranny oppression from Italy ,the king ,only to unify ,established the independent foundation.
The king reign for twenty-nine years ,a peerless, face danger fearlessly ,victory is not arrogance,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, trapped the inverse is not hungry, just to send Yang Guowei caress people for the Treasury.
When the king cabinet vehicle in throwing flowers such as rain in Rome downtown through time ,the whole Italy Department of the mass ,are set at the side of the road and big buried ranks.
Pivot the front of the car has a lot of generals ,a minister ,a royal ,a team of guards of honor ,Lin also like flag ,from three hundred cities represented ,in addition that can represent a state of the power and glory ,all without exception to join.
Large burial procession to Chong Yan ancestral temple gate ,twelve cavalry holding the jade coffin inside, the moment ,the Italy national and the compelling as old king the last farewell ,and twenty-nine years to do these ,made a general ,caress of the countries of the former king leave forever !This is the most sublime solemn moment ,up and down as jade coffin ,the color with the eighty flow face tears .
This flag chronological reminiscent of countless war dead ,numerous blood ,China light Rong ,the most sacred sacrifice ,and the most abject misery .It the coffin into the cavalry ,just forward dumping .
There are new United banner ,also after many wars and broken in conjunction ancient guidon .Eighty black stream ,move down ,numerous medals touches the flagpole sound Ding Dong this noise in mass ear seems to have thousands of people are in there and say: t !I you !In the sun in Italy, your soul will rest in our subjects mind ! &quot ;flag and up into the air .
Our Vitoria. Love manu rang her majesty ,in the spirit temple .Enjoy an immortal glory !&quot ;the truth of the woodlands at eleven generation Losee read Vitoria Ai Manu Ai Leo Wang hanging word when, at only one person, is not Lan Di .
WoolAnd Dizhen hate ,he is really a bad father arrive to scold him, he anti happy ,see people cry, he laughed. He Karon before shaking met the timid ,cowardly little Mason &quot ;&quot ;or a hand to not move klosi ,to humiliate them .
He ridiculed the elimination of all admire the dial to be West ,even for the rescue children crippled three year-old lope truths ,also want to add To ridicule .He and the weak noise ,even angry ,be sure to rival wounded was refreshed .
Hat was very low ,his inside under the brim of his eyes as containing something malicious ,who are seen to be afraid of. He is in front of us who don worry ,to Mr. laugh .When he had the chance to steal ,steal ,things also appear unaware of air and people often scold ,brought big drill to the school to sting.
Regardless of their own or others ,or ,picked the coat buttons, in your hand. His paper ,books ,note book is broken and dirty ,triangular plate is broken ,the pen rod are teeth bite marks from time to time ,nail biting ,not broken the dirty clothes .
I heard ,his mother to he had blue ill ,father has put out three times. The mother go to school for his love shape ,back ,eyes always cried swollen. He hated homework ,disgust disgust friend ,Mr.
Sometimes also took him to leave ,he does not behave ,he pretended not to see . He is therefore more bad, treated him well, he ridiculed sir ;if you call him, he used the hand covering the face with acting ,in fact there since ,have penalty He was suspended for three days ,and later ,more tenacious random violence .
One day ,generation of Roxie advised him :&quot ;stop !Stop !Sir how embarrassed, you don ?&quot ;he stress generation Pelosi said: &quot ;don through your belly !&quot ;today ,woolAnd Di I like standing as expelled .
Mr. monthly cases .Drummer boy draft when delivered to Caron ,woolAnd truths on the floor to play firecrackers ,the sound of the explosion shook the whole classroom ,like a gun ,everyone was surprised .
Also jumped up :&quot ;woolAnd Di get out! &quot ;&quot ;is not my.&quot ;woolAnd truths smile and pretend. &quot ;&quot ;go !Mr. repeatedly said .&quot .&quot ;unwilling ;woolAnd Di revolt.
Mr bate ,rushed to his seat ,grabs his arm ,from his seat from the woodlands Di bite .Tooth resistance strength ,finally the enemy but Sir ,was from the classroom lira to president room .
After a while ,return to the classroom alone ,sitting on the seat ,hands over head temporarily silent, seemed to be very tired look. That depressed manner ,teaching people to see .&quot ;thirty years as a teacher ,only to encounter such a thing !&quot ;first Students said sadly, head to the swing .
We silent speechless .His hand was shaking, forehead Xuan grain deep like scars. Everybody does not endure .This time Roxie stand up :&quot ;sir! Please do not sad !We all love Mr.
.&quot ;they also calm down, say :&quot ;meritorious service ..&quot ;drummer boy ( monthly cases of words ) that is ,July 24, 1848, Kesi and walled war started the first day thing .
I Army Infantry team ,sixty people ,were sent to somewhere to capture a vacancy ,and Austria by two squadron attacked from all sides .The enemy attacks ,projectile the rain came ,I Army had abandoned a number of dead and wounded ,retreated into the room ,closed the door ,went upstairs window fire resist.
The enemy in a half circle ,wrap the step by step . I army commanded the team captain is a brave old sergeant ,tall ,beard and hair is white. Sixty of people, have a drummer boy ,race ,man ,we have over fourteen years of age, stature is like less than twelve years old, is a dark complexion ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,eyes full of teenagers.
The captain in command of the anti-war upstairs ,issued from time to time like a hand gun orders. His iron forged into a face ,not at all Having feelings of shadow ,are mighty, really enough to make men see shivers.
Drummer boy face to green, but also calm to jump on the table and ,outside the window, from smoke to see a white suit .This empty Austrian recently built in a high cliff ,towards the cliff side ,only roofed Pavilion opened a window ,the rest are walls .
The Austrian only in three other attacks to the side of the cliff ,all is well .It is a very powerful attacks ,projectile such as rain ,broken broken tiles ,curtain ,window ,furniture ,doors ,blow into pieces .
Wood flying in the air, glass and ceramic broken sound ,rolling ,rolling up to four things ,listen to as a human skull in the window is broken. Shooting defense soldier ,wounded and fell to the floor ,he was dragged into the side.
Also useful hand against his wound ,groaning in here and there in the kitchen the walk .,have been shattered head corpse. The semicircular although gradually approximation approach to come .
After a while ,always calm captain suddenly appears troubled look ,with a barracks rushed out of the room. After three minutes, the sergeant came to recruit young drummer hand. Juvenile with sergeant quickly ascended the stairs ,to the The house was leaning against the window .
The captain took note writing ,feet before drawing rope .The captain folded paper ,which he had to soldier trembling awe-inspiring eyes on young ,very urgent cry out :&quot ;&quot ;drummer drummer !Hands up to the cap by &quot ;you have the courage to do ?&quot ;the captain said.
&quot ;&quot ;yes ,Captain !Answered the boy ,bright piercing eyes .The captain the close window :&quot ;look down! Near the house with bayonet light bar ,there is my army is the team.
You get this note ,slipped down from the window ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,quickly over the mountain ,across the farm runs into our army ,as long as a met sergeant ,is give the note to him. Take off your belt and a knapsack !&quot ;drummer off strap backpack ,slip a note into the pocket .
Army had the rope from the window down to ,end around his arm .The captain will young helped out of a window ,make him back to the outside : &quot ;Hello !This unit ,depend on your courage and your foot !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;with my captain !! the answering side slipped down .
The captain and camp holding rope :&quot ;downhill slope when ,to the body fell !&quot ;&quot ;at ease ! &quot ;&quot ;I wish you success! &quot ;drummer immediately fell to the ground .
The sergeant took the rope away. The captain is not assured ,at the window watching the teen pacing ,downhill. Almost succeeded. Suddenly in juvenile and a few step run between five or six smoke .
The Austrian army was seen the boy ,from the height of shooting him. Juvenile desperately run ,suddenly fell .&quot ;worse !&quot ;captain teeth anxiously to himself. At this time ,young again .
&quot ;ah ,ah !Just fell !&quot ;the captain let out a sigh of relief .Juvenile although desperately run ,but ,looked like some one leg broken .The captain to :&quot ;ankle hurt the !&quot ;then the soot from juvenile rises near ,far ,missed the.
&quot ;&quot ;captain !!glad to call ,without taking his eyes off the thought of juvenile .This is a very dangerous thing ,don will tremble !That note if it to the team ,help will come ;in case of delay ,this sixty people only killed and taken two road .
From afar : see the boy ran for a while ,then put the slowing down ,just limping and again .Run, force is gradually weakened ,sit down and rest for several times. & Quot ;presumably the bullet passed through his legs.
&quot ;captain side to side ,one Looking young ,anxious body seismogenic .His eyes to sparking to measure distance ,a juvenile luminous went the distance between downstairs ,only to hear the sound of bullet ,non-commissioned officers and army had anger .
Pretty ,the wounded cries ,apparatus for sound broken and objects falling sound. A sergeant silently run ,that the enemy is still a ,have exalted white flag to surrender .&quot ;&quot ;not as he !Captain said ,eyes still does not leave the young .
Youth is already went to the ground ,but has been unable to run ,look like the foot dragging step by step barely moving. The captain gritted teeth ,clenched his fists :&quot ;go !Go !Damn it !Bastard !Go! Go! &quot ;a coupon ,Captain say terrible things to :&quot ;useless things up !!down !&quot ;just looked at the farm in the juvenile head.
Suddenly disappeared ,seems to have fallen .Every minutes, teenage head to show ,as soon as the fence block ,see .Captain rushed downstairs ,bullets rain in general there flying, full chamber are injured ,some like drunkards .
Roll ,closed on furniture ,wall and floor shelves full of blood, many resin adhesives heap in the doorway. Aide broken arm ,is full of smoke and dust ,things are not clear .The captain shouted encouragement to shout :&quot ;bold defense ,don step back !Come on help !At the moment! Attention! &quot ;the enemy is approaching ,from the dust are in sight of the enemy gunfire inside face ,with terrible roar and cursing .
The enemy where stress is fast to surrender ,you do not need to want to live. I army retreated from the window, cowardly, and chased them .The camp ,forcing them forward ,but the defense firepower was weak ,Bing Li face showed a despairing look ,another resistance has been impossible.
At this time, the enemy suddenly weakened fire thunder like shouting :&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;no surrender !!&quot ;the captain shouted back from the window the fire again .And violent .
I Army soldiers have been hurt .A side window has no guard ,the last time is coming soon. The captain with a voice :&quot ;reinforcements to help !Don !&quot ;while the barking, while beast and, with trembling hand waving swords ,prepare died .
Then sergeant from the roof Your excellency ,sharp said :&quot ;&quot ;&quot reinforcements to !;reinforcements to !&quot ;the captain was answer. Listen to this voice ,not injured ,wounded ,barracks ,officers immediately rushed to the window ,to resist the enemy force .
After a while ,the enemy seems to be discouraged, in the chaos .The captain was collected .Death ,that they put the bayonet sleeve on the gun ,ready to charge ,he ran up the stairs to hear .
Then shake the universe shout and messy footsteps. Looking out of the window ,Italy cavalry Squadron ,full speed running from dust .The vision the gleaming bayonets, continue to fall in the head ,shoulder ,back.
The soldiers also held bayonet shout out. The enemy vacillated chaotically ,began to retreat. Suddenly ,the two battalion of infantry with two cannons captured the heights. The captain led the disabled soldiers return to their own wing .
The war continued, at last when charging ,he was a stray bullet ,hurt his left. The results of the battle ,our military victory .The fight ,our army has to fight ,the end to being outnumbered ,twenty-seven in the morning ,retreated to mixed contract .
Wei River was wounded ,and his men were still marching on foot soldiers tired .Fatigue ,but no one did not obey .Nightfall ,to obliterate Qia riparian Geyituo place ,find the adjutant .
The aide injury of the wrist ,is saved by the rescue team ,captain .Captain than here first step into a field hospital set up a temporary temple ,which is full of live beds divided into two wounded .
The column ,81 mathematical meaning 2 detailed analysis,the bed is also provided with implantation .Two physicians and many helpers too busy to attend to all ground runs, against the ear are you cry and moan .The captain to the temple, he searched for the adjutant ,hear someone in a weak voice in &quot ;captain .
Captain close to look, see is the drummer boy . He is lying in a hammock, brain following covered with thick curtains ,pale and thin two exposed on the cloth outside, his eyes still glow like a jewel land .
The captain frightened ,shouted to him: &quot ;you really here ?No !You have done your duty !&quot ;&quot ;I had tried my best to answer. &quot .&quot ;juvenile ;you are what hurts ?&quot ;the captain asked again ,watching near the bed ,looking for a completely unexpected .
&quot ;.&quot ;juvenile said .His strength back ,beginning to feel wounded in his honor .If none of the meet pleasure ,he in the film before the fear will not open strength .&quot ;I run desperately ,the original fear of being seen ,and upper body, only to be the enemy see .
If not being shot ,can be twenty minutes fast .Fortunately meets staff captain ,give the note delivered to him. But was injured later ,can ,and also thirst, like to die. To go up is in any case not .
More later died ,people will more. I think of it, almost crying .Okay !I was desperately reached my goal . Don worry about me .The captain !You must be careful of your own ,your flow blood !&quot ;indeed, as he said ,drops of blood ,from the captain under arm bandage in down finger flow down.
&quot ;please give me your hand, let me take your wrap bandages .&quot ;said the boy .The captain over the left hand with his right hand to help juvenile ,junior captain .The bandages to produce good .
But ,young left the pillow ,complexion is pale ,had to lie down again. &quot ;well, have good captain .&quot ;see boy like that ,think was bandaged hand back ,the teenager seems refused to release the .
&quot ;don me. Watch your mind! Even a small wound ,less attention to powerful .&quot ;the captain said. Teenage head to swing .Film watching him :&quot ;however ,you so tired ,there must be a lot of blood ?&quot ;&quot ;you say a lot of blood ?&quot ;juvenile smile say.
&quot ;not only the blood ,please look here !&quot ;and the cover open. The captain saw not be startled at night ,took a step backwards . Originally ,the juvenile has lost a foot amputated his left knee !Already ,incision with blood stained cloth .
At this time, a short and fat military shirt walk toward the young ah cushions ,for a moment, the captain said :&quot ;!Captain !This is because we had ,if he does not so unreasonable support ,foot can be guaranteed in the .
Mm has been a severe inflammatory !Finally put foot knee truncation .However ,it is a brave boy !My tears drop ,do not panic ,do not shout after shout .I for him first operation ,he Italy man proud !His family background is very good !&quot ;military and hurried away .
The captain frown on thick white two eyebrow ,look young for a while ,for he will still Gaibugai .His eyes are still not from the juvenile ,imperceptibly ,slowly raise head in addition to hat.
&quot ;&quot ;.&quot Kapitan ,juvenile screaming ;Do anything for me! &quot ;always for men never had soft words and the captain ,and was filled with love :&quot ;but I was the captain ,you are a hero !&quot ;and when he had said this, he opened his arms ,V in the boy ,in his chest Kiss three times.
The patriotic fourteen An Like! Did you listen to the drummer boy story ,since moving, so in today experiment, &quot ;love for Italy &quot ;topic words ,must be very easy . Why I love Italy !Because my mother is Italian ,because I vascular flow the blood is Italy blood ,because my ancestral graves in Italy, because my life is in Italy ,because I said ,books are in Italian ,because my brothers ,sisters ,friends ,great people around me ,around me beautiful nature ,and the other I see, love ,the research ,the worship of all ,are all things in Italy ,so I love Italy.
For the national feelings ,you might not be real understanding ,will grow up to know .From foreign long guest returns ,leaning against the side from the days see teach China Green hill, then ,will naturally gushing heat or make my heart cries .
Also ,any foreign when, by chance in the road to hear someone speak our language ,and that will be approached to speak to foreigners to China .If offensive words ,anger will be from heart burst ,once and foreign representations, for love of the motherland ,especially prone .
War termination ,weary army triumph when, see the projectile breaks the ensign ,see the wrapped in bandages soldiers holding was interrupted by cheers weapons in the masses through ,thank you like how ah !Then ,you can really understand patriotic significance .
At that time ,you will feel and the national one .This is the spiritual feelings. You play for the country ,I wish to see you safe triumph mm you are my own ,peace to you need not say oneself .
However ,if you do not shameless acts rhinoceros ,brought back, then ,now you come back from school this welcome your father ,will be the Hoh million tears to meet you ,father and son cannot again the old love, eventually as heartbroken expression .
MM died twenty-five days with patriotic jealousy as the composition inscribing ,first is the generation Roxie . Hua Ladder ,confidence will first mm ladder ,though vanity ,like sugar ,but I like him, but he saw envy generation Losey ,feel tired .
He Ping back in the fight and Delosi ,desperately hard ,but actually beat generation Losey ,regardless of which one ,Dailuoxidou to overcome him ten times. China total generation with ladder ,mocking the Roxie .
Carol . Connaught queens also envy generation Losey ,hide in the heart, Hua ladder ,is actually in the face .He heard at home once said ,is not fair. Each generation of Roxie soon put Mr .
To make a satisfactory answer, he always board face ,his head down, pretending not to hear ,but also deliberately smile. The way he is not very good, so we all know . As long as Mr. praised generation Losey ,everybody ladder ,ladder ,China ,where .
&quot will smile ;small Mason &quot ;often at this moment with rabbit face to watch him. Today ,China .Mr. President ,embarrassed by the ladder into the classroom report :&quot ;generation of Roxie one hundred ,first prize at .
&quot ;is ,Hua ladder ,a sneeze .Mr. President saw him look that guess :&quot ;China ,don raise the ladder !Jealous of the snake !This snake is gonna eat your brains ,bad your heart .
&quot ;in addition Generation of Roxie ,all to the ladder ,ladder ,see China like to answer something ,but actually cannot say, face the green stone fixed motionless .Sir teach when ,in his paper with the big words ,wrote this sentence: &quot ;we do not admire that sleepy is biased and got the first prize with .
&quot ;he wrote to give acting Roxie .Sitting in the generation of Roxie who are near each other . One should whisper made of paper greatly reward card ,draw a black snake . Hua ladder ,all don for things for the time being .

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Hey injury time let me from the top of course to be formed Nereus needle a mortal can you appear completely messed up my goal even wanted to single I want to marry suddenly lost screen I have fallen into ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2
in the plum array I'm not psychic can not make love forever can you appear to change my a hole kiss a moment confused is wow Lalila throat love you heart Ba put not your echo crazy guess your heart Ba
put be startled heart love you ba put no big deal I put on guess your heart Ba put tripped by love and what you love or not love me to lovelorn lovelorn to insomnia and tell me all your news to you love

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Blog China - personal column

Xin HaiRevolution , one hundred anniversary commemorative triangle around Wang Baoguo ( a ) to fall ,the second time I travel to Beijing ,the second wandering in the triangle . This time, we wander, is because we to in the triangle dilemma .
Must say first . Eight years ago the summer vacation ,I take daughter of 16 years old and 13 year old soncame to Tiananmen square. In the morning, we rushed to wash out of the side of the square ,&quot ;&quot ,into the Plaza Hotel ;Guanqi sea .
5:08, lights flash ,Yunjuanyunshu ,China morning comes in Tiananmen square ,a team of young forever guard gun step the Tiananmen is the big picture ,National Anthem playing ,raising the flag.
We Guanqi started after the tour ,some false steps .Some magic let us go out of China shadow. First ,the total search things ,magic wrapping things ,I know it is a good thing ,my footsteps because of the excitement and some virtual .
.. ... We first planned to visit ,is the the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace !Oh ,the Imperial Palace ... ... I do not know when ,also be its search .But ,where is the the Imperial Palace ?I have to ask you, square armed soldiers .
You know here grand weather for us, how is the sacred and agitate ;however ,you don long Jusai foreign country I ,just like from desert to Shahryar City visionary -- seems full of knowledge ,but also very ignorance to use their imagination to simulate Beijing tour route map -- Republic flag at Tiananmen square on the &quot ;&quot ;side ,emperors lived in the old the Imperial Palace &quot ;&quot ;one side of the &quot from the &quot ;new ;side to side of the old &quot ;&quot ;,there are many tortuous journey ?Soldiers, has been a serious you ,I make a smile with the finger ,the big picture ,flag just after the Tiananmen rostrum ,&quot ;it is .
&quot ;from the Republic of China under the national flag in &quot ;is &quot ;the the Imperial Palace ,five hundred years from the emperor &quot ;it is &quot ;the flag of the Republic of .
This approach quite make the past serve the present then, resource sharing benefit -- dreamers a sense of relaxed. The Imperial Palace and westbound ,accidentally met a place above ,was &quot Zhongshan Park &quot ;four ;Words that turn into a piece of sculpture ,Mr.
Sun Zhongshan was standing in the door within the median ,attention is far from empty .His tunic is very stiff. This makes me a shock -- not all due to &quot ;great revolutionary forerunner Mr Sun Zhongshan &quot ;-- here ,why not previously included in the dreamer plan ?I put the camera to a hiker ,a pedestrian in the dream as before leaving .
Our obligation photographer is old professor appearance ,he put the camera back to me ,I have some absent-minded ,he glanced at me .Until today ,the photo of a dream of the blank ,vacant face shines vacant Landscape -- the flag ,the Imperial Palace hustle ,Nakayama Shizuma ;three point one, echo each other at a distance ,creator of a furnace .
.. ... Zhongshan Park is the times of emperor worship the altar in the early Republic of China ,is the Central Park .1925 in March, Mr. Sun Zhongshan died in Beijing, the coffin Park in park worship Hall (now the Zhongshan Hall ) ,in 1928 to commemorate sir ,renamed ,has since become a memorial temple garden .
Dreamers asked the children to know Sun Zhongshan ?They say know ,the textbook about revolution ,boxer ,Sun Zhongshan also make revolution .Dreamers to their emergency remedy ,standing in the Zhongshan hall and the altar -- between that year ,we sleep on the vast land of China ,there is a man stood up and shouted a Republic -- to the monarchy ,the first sound .
.. ... Almost at the same time ,another man hurriedly move faster ,he said to Tachi Kiminori ,the emperor of the constitutional claims ... ... The two is what relation ?Before one is to give all people justice ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,one is to protect the emperor home -- they are rivals ;the front one is in order to put the country matter ,also in order to put the country after a matter -- they like friends.
Children ,you that the emperor should welcome who ?-- is a natural !... ... However, the children ,the emperor family who are not welcome, all two of them to be the emperor family killed, they are forced to sit a different ship ,likewise exiled to the United States ,japan .
.. ... The two men ,one named Sun Wen, after a man named Kang Youwei .Then ,the emperor why to do so ?... ... Dad is dilettante, father says to not be clear about ... ... But ,you just see the emperor ,the thrones of the house is very strong right ,must be strong ,to the throne of the master and confused.
Also really strong. Sun Wen and his revolutionary party uprising ten times they were suppressed .The emperor never revolutionary party ,nor the royalists ,but fell in love with the boxer .
.. ... Revolution ?Oh ,right, the emperor and the boxer ,they together &quot &quot ;revolution ;... ... Really not fun ... ... Play ,Wuchang City shots .In October 10th of that year ,the city of Wuchang the shots sounded, the southern provinces response ,we inland Shanxi Taiyuan response .
.. ... The throne is very strong ,the throne he go back .They suddenly become very modest, and every Chinese people to meet the first democratic republic in Asia -- the Republic of China ,the man named Sun Wen ,also known as Mr.
Sun Zhongshan ,he was the first provisional president. Da Zong Zhongshan Park ,Cooper towering ,fresh cool ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,quiet and pleasant. The emperor who did the emperor ,not the emperor was not available for future generations to visit palace.
Here visitors without many words ,and elegant lines ,idle entry ,is to give us a compulsory photographer Professor appearance. It out of the park ,the dream a pedestrian review the Imperial Palace -- the Imperial Palace ,turbulent flow waves ,more than the throne room door ,people excited and nervous to use the camera for the emperor ,they have the wrist in a trembling.
My son wants to sit out &quot ;&quot ;,but the protection facilities to stop visitors ,he regrets was almost crying .The Forbidden City strong defense preparations ,since they emperors had style .
The body is grey ,but the dark king Qijiu node does not come loose ,emperors unlimited unwilling, transmission in today visitors strong contrast .Review of the Imperial Palace ,the tone of some interest among children -- but not on Jingshan Hill have a look Zhu You Check the tree ,it Gaohuzai ,high ?Didn remember ,Mr PuYi is from which the palace was expelled from the forbidden city .
.. ... ( two) this time ,I took his wife and two of her relatives. Relatives is a rural couple ,a construction worker ,a kids at home -- tourism ,for they are not extravagant feast .
I neither fast nor slow to some things ,and take them ,service ,tourism become ,is also the merits and pile. According to the couple brought from home to imagine ,and we came to China the first square.
We big fence registered Hotel ,formerly the door downstairs city north to ,appear in front of a crowd ,armed police surrounded around and duty of the giant building .&quot ;this is .
.. ... ? &quot ;the couple asked. My wife told them this place name ,found that they face have abundant interest ,given the time to consider ,and consult with them said :&quot ;you planned to see the Imperial Palace .
.. ... In the old &quot &quot ;&quot ;triangle ;meets new difficulties, his wife take the democratic attitude ,pointing to the South and the North says simply :&quot ;... ... There ,many people, both a wall of the name ;there ,a man ,was still -- about it, your own .
&quot ;and then ,without a fee to pull the pinch -- standing soldiers don after all ,we are you that one income group the Imperial Palace tickets eight years ago 40 yuan ,60 yuan today.
The Zhongshan Park entrance ticket 3 yuan,5 yuan pass,ticket 9 yuan;eight years ago so ,today with more than 65 years of age old people free . In the zoo of Beijing, including all the major attractions ,Zhongshan Park is the most cheap one ,the Imperial Palace is the most expensive one.
Eight years ago, the Imperial Palace is a Zhongshan Park 13 times;eight years later ,Xin Hai Revolution victory in the 100 anniversary of theemperors ,20 times as much as theprovisional president of the Republic of China .
His wife said to me ,even if he were free nor Zhongshan Park couples place. Well, I . As for the front gate under the huge building entrance ticket is many ?Or is it free ?Eight years ago I don ,today do not know .
You don ask me ,I am tired ,I want to sit quietly in the square ... ... Daughter and son .After eight years, they have become university graduates and undergraduates .Their mother with relatives couple toured to -- into stream of people ,they are to the South or North ,I really didn -- I and girls boys began to ramble .
Look ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,it is a river in the west, the girls by topic -- in those days, we sometimes swim ,not enough .Beijing the Zhongshan Park is a national key cultural relics protection units ,is also the national 3A level scenic spotsin China mainland and Hong Kong and Macao ,so the rest of the world, in memory of Mr.
Sun Zhongshan ,people built many Zhongshan Park. According to the current statistics ,only in China mainland and Taiwan have more than 40 seats ... ... Children ,people around the world loved Sun Zhongshan ,not only in his revolution .
In those days ,in the storms lift day shoreline, numerous overseas Chinese like waves in a group of similar to march forward courageously ,in motherland hinterland, move on ... ... Thousands of years of &quot ;King autocratic country &quot ;the building collapsed ,a deputy to the name &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;the shape &quot ; ground and foundation .
.. ... &quot ;only causes a system to change action ,can be a real revolution.&quot ; refer to a contemporary historian .Yes ,any vulgar &quot &quot ;revolution ;,power transferred in parallel with the &quot &quot ;revolution ;,are not to be relied on.
Guys have girls and my progress !A turn to the boys ,the boys face .The China University of Political Science and Law senior ,is eight years ago to cannot sit the emperor and almost cry boy.
He recalled one eye River East,Adiads Porsche Design, making one with its own yesterday and today -- Thinking about the imperial culture ,Shenzhen red ridge private VIP secret - 0121 Updated ,focusing on state ,or the system again ... ... ? on official standard thought in traditional !All wield absolute power political tradition in all jump on !Once dominant position will override the people !Is all killed was seized by the people to override agree! Of course, also on the state system ,the system again .
From & quot ;&quot to &quot ;the sand desert ;City &quot ;&quot ;&quot dream ;to speak -- he is a super boy .Girl boy temporarily vacant .Super boy had for hundreds of miners trapped trap -- under the mine ,which was partially rescued from death ,part of which ,all voices sing rescue song ,even disaster when happiness to sing -- I in the main ,I say which part of &quot ;overriding &quot ;,you must focus which part .
.. ... Sitting in the government affairs hall window were some depressed, I looked at the street people ,eyeful is baby cute ;but when something to do people come to the window ,they immediately lowered her eyes ,a long face ,elongated sound -- I in the main ,I didn you kneel down ,but your waist naturally bend .
.. ... Sitting in the bus station ticket window uniforms woman on shaky pay money to rural people yell :&quot ;can not break !Bring it !&quot ;your body in a shaky more curl ... .
.. You don have the information function of the PHS phone ,was detained 3yuanper month fee information ,you to the communication business hall of business report on duty ,Miss face Yang ,magnanimous generous awarded purpose: &quot ;line !I helped you out !&quot ;you smile ,waist ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,come very naturally bent .
Children ,you in the network engine input to soften hard and hardening of the soft one problem ,appreciate your father ;in &quot ;it -- the afternoon of June 29th ,the author in the bus to hear such a sigh ,is a middle-aged man on his back to read primary school -- &quot ;my son to school ,alas ,Ryan! Two semesters is reciprocal the first .
The teacher not to ,call us home .We gave the teacher two hundred money ,left .Left after one semester to count to tenth .Or Lai ,alas ... ... &quot ;from his tone ,the writer at least hear two points: first ,men always blame their children on &quot ;&quot ;;secondly ,to send money to two hundred to &quot teacher ;approach to &quot ;,insipid in a proud.
The author not by review of one man ,from his instrument and clothing color can judge ,he was not long in the village people ,than have heard many about children education problem helpless sigh ,he seems to be under &quot ;have a way of &quot ;the columns.
However ,his &quot &quot ;measures ;send Qian Er hundred .I listen, heart an earthquake fibrillation restless ,to put on a mouth :&quot ;I said brother ,your home nanny yet? &quot ;&quot ;not ah ,what do you mean ?&quot ;and I said to him ,I am no meaning ;I mean if you hired a nanny ,nanny has meaning :you feel home someone not pleasing to the eye ,he should be put out of your house ,and masters the approach taken is to send money to the nanny two hundred ,ask him to show mercy ,give you the look of some &quot ;&quot ;master to stay .
.. ... Some men see light suddenly to nod, I continue to change :&quot ;back again ,you almost being nanny out of the house the owner why some eyesore ?Because his clothes are dirty ,hand face has less tidy .
.. ... And these ,reason is to do not have toilet duty nurse ... ... &quot ;&quot ;( three) the national is a citizen of a country thinking and behavior characteristics of.&quot ; or the historian The girls ,boys ,super boy, have found -- in many people harmonious equal to and .
The so-called harmonious society ,however, is to maintain a stable ,even disagree ,yield to ... ... We use our own responsibility and backbone exchange way and tool of &quot &quot ;harmony ;but ,to process harmony and the harmony, manufacturing a bottomless abyss.
Only causes a system to change action ,can be a real revolution ,but not a full revolution. Today ,Fengtao seems to rest, ecology particularly complicated .Ecology from the Emperor than the Imperial Palace grass ,the imperial throne stronger ecological land and land ecosystem ,need numerous on barren except turnip seedling culturing plant irrigation diversion canal .
.. ... Need lots of Yan Yangchu type figure in the folk anti-poverty I treat private long travail inch division ... ... &quot ;we will work with quiet hard application since ancient times ,people ,having desperately hard man ,who plead for the people ,a sacrifice life for laws .
.. ... This is the backbone of China .&quot ; the stormy at the end of nineteenth Century, more people emerge in an endless stream ,If your pictures aren't good enough it is because you are not close enough.,they are responsible and liable ,as they died ,to all people ,regardless of their lives, the ROC miles go Tianya .
Wuchang Shouyi in modified Zhenwu society called the literary club, literary club and the armed revolution. From &quot to &quot ;Wu ;&quot ;the &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;,&quot and &quot ;wu ;.
.. ... Huaxing will ,alliance ,to will ,literary club ,association ,its mission ,jagged husband ... ... Their unity and cooperation ,seek common ground while reserving differences ,in righteousness ;Sun Zhongshan ,Huang Xing ,Song Jiaoren ,Cai Yuanpei ,Qiu Jin ,Zhang Binglin ,Xu Xilin ,Jiang Yiwu ,Sun Wu ,Chen Tianhua .
.. ... Their strong patriotism ,keep on carving ,firm and indomitable -- they are the &quot ;&quot ;or &quot &quot ;Wu ;?Our &quot ;&quot ;or &quot &quot ;Wu ;people ?You -- he has graduated students ,is about to stride school male students from the desert to me -- ?Shahryar city dream like super girls and boys the boys ?Take a book to super boy, get up.
The two book in the girls and boys back under the one nine eight four -- the first is ,a Book of the girdle ,bright white Rushu ;the second is the democracy is a modern life ,who has been away, Shuxiang thick .
.. ... The backbone of China people ,&quot ;now it is less ?&quot ; goodbye ,boys and girls ,you can each walk, and super boy still unfulfilled responsibility ,also in the familiar with the &quot ;&quot ;wait for ,the north or south of the village relatives lead back at the front door ,large fences .
Around &quot &quot ;triangle ;the super boy, the first Chinese square ... ... Shuozhou ,Shanxi north of development found in Lebanese writer Ha Gibran pioneer ,idiot . three primer, seen in Liang Qichao Young China .
said in the Yuan Weishi modernization and history textbooks . in the Yuan Weishi modernization and history textbooks . Yan Yangchu ( 1890-1990),the world famous civilian educationist and countryside the establishment of.
1923 transformfounder of famous Chinese National Association of the mass education (&quot ;&quot ,Sweet and sour but a moment,Chinese National Association of the mass education ;1943),and Dewey and Einstein compound was chosen as &quot ;the modern world with great revolutionary contribution of &quot ;,after 1950 time ,known as the &quot ;international civilian education &quot ;.
1987 year ,the United States President Reagan as the issuance of &quot ;end hunger Award for lifetime achievement . &quot ;in the Lu Xun Chinese lose self-confidence .?. writer George Orwell in 1948 writingbooks ,Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 1986.
author Cai Dingjian ,Professor of China University of Political Science and Law ,famous Chinese constitutional scholars ,who died in November 22, 2010 . Lu Xun in Chinese lose confidence up ?.

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Return to school

Back to school,Click Here and used in different ways .! On a road first is the lingering rain,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000 dizziness, there is the continuous snow. This is the Northeast before beginning of spring rain and snow often. In Jilin, I and sliver and the first to my dormitory luggage to settle it, two months in the dormitory, really a bit like that warm nest, where there is a lot of happy memories.
Pack your bags, I take the two of them to visit our school, came down from the mountain, they exclaim that every day we have to cover up, teeth, climb three to four times the mountain back to the dormitory.
The school is not very big, 40 minutes we ended the trip. The blade is specifically to come to Jilin to play, although my tasks are very heavy,http://www.nikesforce1.com/, but must be in his walk with him before, the home is in Jilin, so I had on the environment is quite familiar, take note in Jilin for a day.
In the afternoon in the Sichuan palace to eat hot pot, then walk to Henan street, east gate, China World Trade Center area. Have a look our love brand has no new listing. 5 fast time, we three went to Songhua River high school by the object, a little beauty, it is the first time I saw my brother like powder,Adidas Wings, the big family dinner.
Were not hungry, we went to play table tennis, play very highHing, time passed in eight, my brother likes powder have to go home at eight thirty, so we'll have to hurry to send her to go home and walk away.
I went back to school, note the house. A open this morning, more than 9, Shu wash, barber, eat, study,Cable food dishes five ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid, this is my now day tour route, note by today's car to go home, very reluctant, meet the time is too short,Nike Air Force 1 Low, a lot of the word has not said, I am a very much person, do not know if this is right or wrong.
Go back to sleep sleep, it was found, Xiang Ming, put it, return, Bai Hua also buy phone card back, and they talked a little,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, put up to the Internet, and I accompanied him to the park, it can have the opportunity to write this blog.

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